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How Live Casino Works:

For those looking to add live casino games to their gaming routine. Then you might be wondering how technology has made this possible.

Today we see enthusiastic casino players all over the world playing with ease and convenience.

Casinos now offer a huge selection of live casinos as technology becomes more advanced and innovative in the gaming industry.

The main components of the live casino

Below are the technical attributes and features that casino and game developers should invest in to enable players. Evidently, in the gaming community to play live casinos in real time.

All of these features are easy to use and secure, as these casinos invest heavily in player safety and cybersecurity.


Cameras play an active and important role to ensure that they are providing the key features of a casino game to the player on the other end of the screen.

In fact, the latest technological breakthrough allows for smaller cameras to be used. Then that stream the live feed of the casino game even more powerfully than ever introduced before.

For example, a roulette game from Microgaming, would need to use three separate games alone to allow players to engage with the game.

One camera would be used for the roulette table, another for the filming of the wheel and finally the overall picture display.

Game Control Unit

The next feature that is pretty important, is the Game Control Unit (GCU), that comes attached to the casino table game itself. This device is very small.

Really no bigger than a small shoebox. But it is responsible for providing the code that allows gamers to stream games. Hence, the GCU helps the distributor within the filmed game.

Moreover, to run the game live and is basically a switch to access the broadcast from your side.


Of course, the presence of the wheel depends on whether you play roulette or not. But when you play roulette, it is the most important part of the game.

As a player, you bet on the live dynamics of spinning the real roulette wheel. Thus, the outcome of this determines whether you make a profit or walk away at a loss.

The wheels do come with built in sensors though.

Therefore that casino configuration will meet and act on real time. In accordance to the movement of the wheel.

Hence, it allows the interface between the wheel and casino to be harmonious and constantly in tune with one another.


Monitors are used to clearly identify what the players actually see on their screens. But hey even if you are not willing to be put on camera. By the way, you operate what is called a blind spot, since that the camera will not pick up voluntarily.

This is all needed to help the dealer interact and play with your momentum of placing bets and essentially when you are ready to go ahead.

You may also interact with a live chat between you and the live dealer. Nonetheless, just in case there is an issue that prevents you from playing efficiently.

Or that there is something greater affecting your gameplay and interaction with the dealer.

Everything happens in real time, so obviously this can be flawed. However at times and needs to be taken into consideration. The main thing is that resellers can see you very well!

Optical camera sensing technology

Finally, this technology is essential for any live casino game to play smoothly. In fact, thanks to this integration of camera detection, every little detail.

That happens in the game space is captured and transmitted directly to the player.

You can also place bets from your computer screen as OCR captures every action and translates it into data that can be used to play.

Shuffle the cards, spin the wheel, everything is recorded and contributes to your game without errors!