The Majority Of Complaints Over Sam Smith And Kim Petras’ Performance At The 2023 Brit Awards

After their “Unholy” performance at the 2023 Brit Awards, Sam Smith and Kim Petras sparked complaints from dozens of UK viewers.

Sam Smith and Kim Petras performed their hit song “Unholy” once again after receiving some criticism for their Grammy performance.

According to the office’s website, 106 complaints were made over this year’s Brit Awards, which were held in London on February 11 and televised on ITV1. The Office of Communications oversees TV, radio, phone, and other services. According to a representative of Ofcom, the bulk of complaints were about Sam Smith’s performance, with the remainder being against the use of profanity and alcohol consumption.

The couple recently received criticism for their performance at the 2023 Grammys, which featured Petras dancing in front of flames and Smith donning a headgear with devil horns.

Petras was the first transgender woman to win a Grammy in the category of music duo/group performance with Smith.

They ditched the flaming red design for a grimier, post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-inspired appearance at the Brit Awards, pulling more from the car “body shop” elements in the song video. After Smith left the stage while still sporting his devil hat, two dancers could be seen making out on a car’s hood.

Although 106 complaints were sufficient to rank in the top three on Ofcom’s weekly public list, they were insignificant in compared to other recent contentious shows.

Top of the list for the week was Capital FM radio personality Ant Payne, who received criticism for advising listeners to purchase “cheap” flights to Turkey following an earthquake that left thousands dead 카지노사이트 추천 in that country. 567 complaints were made against that program, according to Ofcom. More than 50,000 complaints—the largest in recent memory—were sparked by Piers Morgan’s remarks concerning Meghan Markle’s suicidal concerns.

Only 18 complaints were made to the Federal Communications Commission about the “Unholy” Grammy performance in the US, according to TMZ.

The stage was covered in motorbike and car pieces in a Mad Max-esque fashion. The beat-heavy bop caused the black-clad, grease-stained backup dancers-turned-mechanics to distort their bodies. The performance was slightly less jaw-dropping than what they gave on the Grammy stage on Sunday (Feb. 5) but it was still incredible.

The duo’s wicked performance at the Grammys caused a lot of criticism with its ghastly dancers, horned showmaster, cage of flames, and everything else bathed in a terrible red glow. Smith and Petras have now been charged with practicing devil worship through their actions that night on stage.

Many tweets criticizing the performance as diabolical were reposted by Senator Ted Cruz. Retweeting Liz Wheeler, a conservative commentator, he added, “This…is…evil.” Don’t fight the culture wars, they advise, she said in her own piece. Demons, meanwhile, are influencing your children to adore Satan. I might urinate.

According to a post by blogger Matt Walsh, “It’s not unexpected to witness a satanic ritual during the Grammys.” “Worshiping oneself is what is meant by satanism. In this perspective, most of today’s pop music is satanic. Satanism is leftism. The only modification is that they are now more direct about it.

Despite being branded as “unholy,” Smith and Petras won the Grammy that evening for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, marking Petras the first transgender person to do so.

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