Marvel Characters: 10+ Random Facts Fans Probably Didn’t Know

Captain Marvel

Marvel, and more specifically the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is home to many well-known and beloved characters as one of the most popular franchises ever.

While some fans adore every character, there are others who have a few favorites they can’t get enough of.

Even some of the most devoted fans, we wager, won’t be aware of all these additional ten strange Marvel character facts.

Black Widow has a nice weapon that you might not notice

In movies in the MCU, Widowmaker wears gauntlets around her arms that appear to contain small cartridges. This weapon is called “Widow’s Madness” or “Widow’s Madness”.

This sends electroshocks and is a way to incapacitate opponents.

Josh Brolin based Thanos on the character from Apocalypse Now

In bringing the villain Thanos to life, Josh Brolin used Marlon Brando’s character from Apocalypse Now as inspiration for his character. The character of Colonel Waler Kurtz has many similarities with Thanos, and fans of both franchises can easily see the connection.

And, Tony Stark is based on Elon Musk

Robert Downey Jr. was inspired by a real person for his interpretation of the iconic Iron Man.

RDJ visited Musk at his SpaceX headquarters, and Musk gave him a personal tour. This visit is part of the character study for the actor.

Jeremy Renner trained with Olympic archers

Hawkeye’s character is a good character, but Jeremy Renner is not. Therefore, he trained with Olympic archers to prepare for the film. However, he said that the actual archery method is very different from the cartoon style.

Black Panther’s character was never made to play a big role in Civil War

When they were planning Captain America: Civil War, it was almost impossible to introduce the character at all. However, they decided to give him a bigger role because they weren’t sure if they could get Spider-Man’s rights for the movie.

We’re glad they did!

Captain Marvel and War Machine hook up in the comics

Just because two couples were romantically linked at some point in the show doesn’t mean they’ll be together in the MCU.

However, it is interesting that Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) and James Rhodes (War Machines) wrote the date. However, things don’t end well as Rhodey is tragically killed by Thanos. So, we’re glad the film went in a different direction! Visit the site 카지노사이트 주소 for various games.

The Black Panther character appeared in 1966. MCU fans know and love Chadwick Boseman in the movie, but the character has been around for decades.

His first appearance in Marvel comics was in 1966’s Fantastic Four #52-53, and he later starred in his own comics.

Mark Ruffalo recorded a journey to act for the Hulk

When creating the Hulk movie using CGI, Joss Whedon wanted to make sure that Mark Ruffalo still recognized the character after the transformation. To achieve this, the CGI team recorded Ruffalo doing a lot of actions and movements, including making a lot of different facial expressions.

Scarlet Witch and Quiksilver are actually mutants. While comic book readers know this, MCU fans may not.

Both characters are part of the X-Men franchise, but due to licensing issues at the time of Avengers: Age of Ultron’s release, they were given different origin stories.

Chris Pratt lost 60 pounds to play Star-Lord

While Pratt was cast as Star-Lord, he recently finished playing Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation. It’s a role that he really wants to get bigger for, but for Marvel he wants to have a creative outlet.

He trained and followed a strict diet to lose 60 pounds in 6 months and gain weight. Captain Marvel is about to be introduced in Age of Ultron.

There was actually a scene shot for the movie that featured a Captain Marvel cameo with a different actress than Brie Larson.

However, this movie didn’t make it to the final cut because the creators didn’t think it was the right time or cycle to show it.

In the comics, Thor has pet goats

There are many different versions of popular Marvel characters in the movie, and they often differ from the versions in the movie. However, it can be interesting to learn some of these facts. In Earth-616, Thor has two goats named Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder pulling his chariot.

It took two years to create this Baby Groot dance

At the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2., there is a sequence where Baby Groot dances to “Mr. Blue Sky”.

Incredibly, director James Gunn revealed that the planning and execution process took two years. More people have received the Captain America Shield than you might think.

MCU fans know that Sam Wilson will be the next Captain America in The Falcon and Winter Soldier TV series, but many other characters have played a role in the film. These characters include Bucky Barnes, Peggy Carter, and John Walker (another character will appear in the upcoming TV series.)

The Wasp almost appeared in Avengers.

Wasp was supposed to be the only female character among the main six Avengers, but she ended up being Black Widow in the movies.

Wasp at least made it to the MCU eventually, even though we don’t really understand why they couldn’t have both been there.

Constance Wu on Coping With Sadness Following a Suicide Attempt: “You’re Never Entirely Cured”

Constance Wu-1

The Crazy Rich Asians actress, 40, has recently been incredibly open about her own battles with mental health. The actress went into even more detail about her efforts to rehabilitate in a new interview on Dax Shepard’s Archetypes podcast.

She said, “Some people think that counseling is like a button. The fact that it occurs less frequently is sort of the purpose. “You ‘hit’ this mistake once [during a session], then you believe you’re cured, and then it relapses a couple months later and you have to do the work again. Then it’s 10 months, then it’s 10 years.

Wu went on to describe heartbreak as “a bullet in a glass.”

“People think that it’s a ball and a cup that slows down time, but it’s not. It remains the same size, it’s just that the bag gets bigger,” he said. “The downside is how long it takes to bounce back. You get better [at coping with grief], but you never fully heal.”

Following her controversial tweet in May 2019, in which he expressed her anger at the renewal of the show Fresh Off the Boat for a sixth season, Wu received a lot of backlash from fans and critics – including direct messages from from another Asian actress who. , according to Wu, called it “an embarrassment to my race.”

This incident led Wu to attempt suicide, followed by a rigorous course of treatment. “I tried to kill myself and I was in New York, which was not my home, because I had just finished the movie Hustlers,” he told Shepard at the time. . “I was connected to a vet I had never met before, but I see him every day. But when I came back to LA, I saw a psychologist who worked with people in the company, and I was able to face him. I see him at least three times a week.”

Getting to the point where she “can be honest” with her therapist took time, Wu said. “I think a lot of people go into therapy, or to express something – a break, or whatever. They’re telling stories about their own stories, saying, like, ‘Oh, but what that happened,’ instead of going into a session like. , ‘I did these bad things. I am not a good man. What does that say about me?’” he said. “When you can get to the point where you can talk about these things without shame, I think that’s when you start to heal them. I think very few people go down that road, or it takes them a long time to get there. It took me a while.”

She added that the therapy also helped her understand the value of developing empathy for her offenders. For example, in her memoir Making the Scene, Wu devotes an entire chapter to her rapist, who he hopes will portray the man as sympathetic so that readers can see his humanity. . (Wu writes that in her twenties, she ended a relationship with a man in his thirties who encouraged her to have sex after she repeatedly said no. , he explained that he “had to fight” and “quit” as he did.) Ryan Murphy, the Creator of “Dahmer,” Claims He Contacted the Families of 20 Victims: “Not One Person Responded”

“In this article, I talk about being a rape victim, but I take the time to consider the rapist’s point of view and how he would really feel, not just that it’s clean, but that I’m the bad guy in that situation,” he told her. Shepard. “It’s interesting because I think when you try to understand or are curious about the human experience, people think you’re supporting them,” she continued. “I’m not, of course. It was a good exercise for me to do that, to be like, hmm, I can see how he feels [it’s a belief], even though I actually said these words, ‘I’m not ready for having sex.’ ” 카지노사이트

Wu added that she wrote the chapter “not for him,” but as a way to “forgive me a little.”

“It’s a gesture that I would like men to extend to women,” he explained about practicing empathy, which he says can help improve the conversation around consent.

“I don’t think it’s asking [men] too much to consider that their opinion isn’t the only thing that’s right,” she said. “When you are strong in your opinion, it does not become a threat to think of someone else. I think that when you can hold both things, understand them and appreciate them, both can be effective.

In the past Wu has responded to criticism that he showed too much sympathy for the victim in his book. “Some people think I feel sorry for my rapist, and I can understand how it would be seen that way,” she told Loretta Ross at the MKERS 2022 conference, an event global leadership aimed at advancing equality for women in the workplace and beyond.

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“People say he doesn’t deserve it or whatever, and I’m like, it’s not about whether he deserves it or not,” she explained. “I tried to think about what he might be going through because it made me feel better. It made me blame myself.”

Wu also argued that while some people say that “forgiveness is for the other person and whether they deserve it or not,” he decided to take a different approach. “Forgiveness is about taking a heavy weight off your own chest,” she explained. “And if anyone deserves to be free from his heart, it’s the victim, not the rapist, right? Therefore, you must do what is best for your heart. For some people, it may sound like, ‘you’re being hurt!’ … But for me, it’s trying to understand… where the other person might be coming from – not to condone it, but just to understand it. “

Constance Wu Says She Doesn’t Want to Hide Her Mental Health Problems From Her Daughter: ‘i Want Her to Know’

Roy Rochlin/WireImage

Constance Wu talks about the emotional trauma that led to her suicide three years ago.

In the latest episode of Meghan Markle’s Archetypes podcast, the Crazy Rich Asians star, 41, tells the story of her controversial tweet in May 2019, in which she expressed her anger at the renewal of the hit show Fresh Off the Boat for the sixth time. . The tweet sparked a backlash from fans and critics – including a direct message from another “Asian actress” who Wu said called her “an embarrassment to my race”.

Emotional factors drove Wu into a downward spiral that sent him to therapy.

Reflecting on her choice to open up about the experience in her new memoir, Making the Scene – which also talks about sexual harassment she faced from a producer – Fresh Off the Boat said she important not to diminish the experience in order to do so. The 2-year-old daughter, who she shares with musician Ryan Kattner, could learn from her one day. “I was so ashamed of my suicide attempt that my parents didn’t find out until a few weeks before I released a statement [talking about the attempt],” she explained. “In an Asian American family, it’s hard to say those kinds of things, so you don’t do it.

Wu said her mother warned against going public with the experience for her grandson’s sake. “My mom was like, ‘Okay, think about your daughter now when you come out with that. Is that what you want her to know you did?’ You’re a public person, you shouldn’t let these things go,” Wu recalls. “It was funny because I could see his point of view but I said, ‘You know what mom? I want him to know. I want him to know that everyone, including his mother, goes through hard times and when you go through those hard times, people will help you and you can find help and you can improve yourself .

Although she has not been in a relationship with the Asian actor who approached her, Wu admits that she has forgiven him, stating that forgiveness plays an important role in her personal growth. “When I think about the actor who made me feel so ashamed of DM, it’s because he thought I should suffer, he thought I didn’t suffer enough,” Wu said, being adding that their exchange made him think. different about social media. “I don’t think he’s a terrible person. I think the internet does that to you, because you don’t get to see the person going through anything, and I think [seeing me in person] would have opened up more to their sympathy than their judgment.”

About the 2019 text – in which he secretly wrote “He’s so angry now that I’m crying. Ugh. F***” after the announcement of the new Fresh Off the Boat – Wu tells Markle that at the time the fans called him “thankful and small and brave”.

Although in hindsight she admits the tweet was a mistake, she says the context is that one of the film’s producers sexually assaulted her.

He said bluntly, “Part of the reason my Twitter rant three years ago about the renewal process seems unnecessary is because it’s been years of preventing the kind of abuse I’ve faced from the developer. ,” he said bluntly. Wu, who had never acted on network television before the show, said the unnamed producer made him “scared” that anything wrong would get him fired.

“This producer is like, ‘I’m protecting you, so you have to do everything through me, but if you turn around, you don’t know what can happen. So don’t talk to your agents, don’t talk to your lawyers. It’s all coming out of me,'” he explained. “I kind of thought, OK, because I don’t know what else to think.”

As heartbreaking as those years were, Wu says there was a silver lining. The collective discussion prompted him to “quit social media” and put his career aside to focus on his mental health. “When I think about what would have happened if I didn’t have that kind of help at that time. I wouldn’t have had my daughter, you know?” he says. “It was really scary… I feel like not only did I get it, but I’m better because of it. It will always be a scary moment in my life.”

Ryan Murphy, the Creator of “Dahmer,” Claims He Contacted the Families of 20 Victims: “Not One Person Responded”

Dahmer – Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Story creator Ryan Murphy talks about the backlash the Netflix series has received.

During a speech at an event at the DGA Theater in Los Angeles on Thursday, Murphy revealed that his team did their best to contact the families and friends of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims, but he didn’t hear back. . “In the three, three and a half years that we actually wrote it, worked on it, 온라인카지노 we reached 20 people, about 20 families and friends of the victims, trying to get involved, trying to talk to people, not just one. No one came back to us in the process,” said Murphy. “So we rely a lot on our amazing team of researchers who… I don’t know how they find so many things. But it seems like a day and night effort trying to find out the truth about these people. 바카라사이트

Murphy emphasized that he is willing to pay for a memorial for the victims, if such an event is to be held.

“We’re trying to get people talking about it,” Murphy explained. “I think there are barriers because they think the park will attract people who want to honor the macabre … but I think something needs to be done.”

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Starring Evan Peters as a notorious Wisconsin serial killer, who was convicted in 1992 of 15 of the 16 murders he committed in his home state, the Netflix series has shown that popular and controversial. The mother of Tony Hughes, one of Dahmer’s victims, recently criticized the show for its exploitative approach to Dahmer’s murder. “I don’t see how they can do that,” Shirley Hughes told the Guardian. “I don’t see how they can use our name to post things like that out there.” He also found out that his son’s murder by Dahmer in 1991 “didn’t happen” the way it was portrayed in the movie.

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Kevin Bacon Joins the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and Tells the 8-year-old Comedy


This year’s Christmas season is bright as Marvel Studios released a shiny new trailer for the launch of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special’ coming to Disney+ from November 25. 2022. This is the second special event of Marvel Studios following the huge success “Werewolf By Night” which started on October 7 in time for Halloween. The goofy plot of this upcoming MCU holiday surprise revolves around Drax and Mantis trying to blame Star-Lord for Gamora’s disappearance by returning to Earth and kidnapping “Footloose” star Kevin Bacon as a special Christmas present. of Hollywood. The timeline is extended and this story builds somewhere between the events of “Thor: Love and Thunder” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.”

As seen in the brilliant new teaser, joining the kidnapping plot to put a smile on Peter Quill’s face will be space heroes and vigilantes, including Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Nebula, and Kraglin. Directed by James Gunn with Chris Pratt, David Bautista, Pom Klementieff, Karen Gillan, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Sean Gunn, Michael Rooker, Zoe Saldaña and Maria Bakalova as Cosmo the Spacedog, this project marks the end of Marvel. Four. “The ‘Special Holiday’ is the biggest thing I’ve done in my life,” Gunn told IndieWire (opens in a new tab) in May. “It’s absolutely crazy, every day we can’t believe we got this. We all love him very much. It was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. I can’t wait for people to see it. But it’s coming out fast. You know, this Christmas came out.”

 of the Galaxy Holiday Special” goes down the smoke and into theaters exclusively on Disney+ on November 25.

The Guardians of the Galaxy movie has been planning a Kevin Bacon cameo for eight years. When the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie came out in 2014, Peter Quill called Kevin Bacon a “super hero” who learned to dance. Star-Lord is admired by the actor because of his role in Footloose, which he considers the greatest movie ever made. After laughing about the actor’s role eight years ago and even teasing the real-life actor for the joke, the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, including Kevin Bacon, was The MCU and James Gunn finally paid off for those referring to it. in a very good way. fashion..

The Guardians of the Galaxy kidnap Kevin Bacon in a special break from their quest to please Peter Quill. However, Peter had many famous idols from his time on earth as a child. This includes Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff, who Peter often claims is his father. The Guardian’s decision to try and get Kevin Bacon instead of David Hasselhoff is a sign that it really is a celebrity Peter is interested in. Thanks to references to Kevin Bacon in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Infinity War, there is a sign that Star-Lord is often talking about the Footloose star. 바카라사이트

David Hasselhoff’s appearance in the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will be an opportunity for Peter to wrap up the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 however. The series included a Hasselhoff cameo by turning Money into the star of Knight Rider in an attempt to recreate Peter. Given that this meeting with David Hasselhoff was so fake and so messed up, Star-Lord meeting his true version could be a cathartic experience. But, it seems Kevin Bacon is the celebrity Star-Lord wants to meet more than anything. Kevin Bacon’s appearance in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special means it will also include another big cameo from Charmed actress Phoebe Halliwell, Alyssa Milano. Why Live Roulette is So Popular in Casino

The actor is known to be one of Peter’s childhood sweethearts, as he named his boat, the Milano, after him. It will be interesting to finally see Star-Lord meet Alyssa Milano. As watchers visit Hollywood to see Kevin Bacon, there’s a chance they’ll also run into Alyssa Milano. And even if the Milano Guardians ship is destroyed, the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, including its cameo in addition to Kevin Bacon, will help lift Peter’s spirits.

Monday After: Bits of History and Pop Culture

pop culture

Next fall’s annual show in the Akron-Canton area of ​​American political collectors is no longer campaign buttons and military items.

Vintage postcards, historic photos, music posters, political memorabilia and other growing items in pop culture will be part of the “Big Collectible Show” to be held at Friday and Saturday at the MAPS Air Museum on the Green. The show, organized by the Ohio Chapter of American Political Collectors with support from Hakes Auctions in Pennsylvania and Angels for Animals dog rescue in Canfield, will feature 250 tables sponsored by auctioneers from across the country, Jack Dixey said, the organizer of the show.

“We have the city pretty well covered (with customers),” Dixey said. “One guy was carrying stuff from California. The others were from 카지노사이트 North Carolina and the southern states. There will also be vendors from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and surrounding states. ”

The Midwest regional event, formerly known as the Political and Pop Culture Show, has expanded since moving to the MAPS Museum from locations in Canton and North Canton, Dixey said.

Dixey explained: “It’s a great venue and it welcomes all kinds of collections, adding that the show hours are 9am to 4pm. Friday and 9am to 2pm Saturday, and admission $5. The ticket price includes admission to the MAPS exhibition.

He said that the ceremony will be followed at the same place from 9 am to 4 pm. Sunday from the North Coast Military Show. Dixey also noted that the focus and scope of these collective events are also changing to meet the needs of retailers and consumers. In a world where “what happens comes back”, creating a show of perfect shape is not a new concept. “For me, the interesting thing is that it’s kind of the 1980s and 1990s,” Dixey said. “It makes coming to the show a bit of a treasure hunt, because you never know what you’re going to find from the stand.” A Historical Look at Baccarat and Its Evolution

Military and Political Mobilization

Shows and vendors will include many of the expected military and political events of the past. “We’re going to have a lot of collections in front of the house — kind of ‘V For Victory,'” Dixey said. “Most of it was propaganda that was used at home to promote the war during the Second World War. Posters and other printed material including “Buy War Bonds” type material. »

One of the most popular historical photos among collectors is a Civil War image, such as this picture of a soldier, which is priced at $575.

On display will be military weapons and other items such as military badges and insignia. Pieces of political campaign memorabilia “are still front and center,” Dixey said. Includes special containers that once held “candidate cookies” — “awesome and fun bits,” Dixey said — and more traditional social media buttons and ribbons. Materials used in the campaigns between William McKinley and William Jennings Bryan, as well as the campaigns of other Ohio presidents, appear on Stark MAPS.

Some items brought in by customers are considered “crossover” because they will appeal to many types of collectors. These may include photographs and printed materials, such as advertisements.

“One of the vendors is showing a unique photo of a biplane factory in 1919,” Dixey said. “I think it’s really cool to have it on display at the aviation museum. A photo collector and an airplane collector will be equally interested.”

Pop Culture is Always Popular

Pop culture items like comic books and sports memorabilia are often hot topics, Dixey said.

“I’m amazed at how much money is being spent on these two departments,” Dixey said, noting that the value of these collections has outlived their usefulness. “Pop culture has moved on from this moment in history.”

Original music posters, like this one for Nirvana that goes for $1,250, can fetch hundreds and thousands of dollars for collectors.
Dixey said that the salesman brought the music posters and rolls “launch”, “early” refers to the advertising material promoting the first film and the existence of the group. He said some of the posters were thousands of dollars.

“In rock and roll (collection), the trick is to get the posters before they get big, before they get big stars,” Dixey said, using Nirvana as an example of a band.

Why Netflix’s ‘Dahmer’ Series Has Sparked Online Backlash

dahmer monster netflix

Netflix released its new crime drama DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story earlier this month. The 10-part series stars Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer-slash-predator-slash-necrophiliac and slash-cannibal who killed 17 people over 13 years. Created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, DAHMER is far from the first time a murderous and gay man has been shown on screen. There are plenty of well-documented crime scenes, from podcasts to TV series to movies, and there’s no shortage of audiences interested in this content. True Crime is so popular that it has sparked significant debates about ethics and psychology. 카지노사이트

“Dahmer” was the top search term in the United States the day after the Netflix series was released. However, the show has also faced criticism and backlash for its treatment of the Dahmer family. Or rather, the lack of productivity approaches them.

Dahmer’s Family Victims Condemned the Show

DAHMER – Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer tries to set himself apart by telling his story from the point of view of the killers, who were men and boys from marginalized communities. According to Netflix, the new series “will give voice to the famous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.”

However, family members of one of Dahmer’s victims have spoken out about Netflix’s production, publicly declaring that they were not informed of the process and questioning the need for even more social media. The criticism spread quickly on Twitter and was even bigger because of Netflix’s tribute to Dahmer’s victims.

“I don’t tell anyone what to watch, I know the media is big on big crime, but if you’re serious about the victims, my family (the Isbells) are upset that this movie,” tweeted Eric Perry, who says. he is Errol Lindsey’s cousin. Lindsey was 19 when Dahmer killed her in 1991.

“It’s repeated over and over again, and for what? How many movies/shows/documentaries do we want?”

Perry was responding to a comparison of her cousin Rita Isbell’s victim impact statement during the Dahmer trial, alongside a Netflix documentary of the episode. In the historical drama, a visibly troubled Isbell confronts his brother’s killer, screaming so loudly that security eventually restrains him. This is played alongside actor DaShawn Barnes who reprises the role in Episode 8 of DAHMER. Reptile, a Netflix film starring Benicio Del Toro: What We Know So Far

The video review has gone viral, as has Perry’s reaction, which has more than 400,000 likes and 70,000 retweets at the time of writing. “I was never contacted about the movie,” Isbell said in a personal essay posted to Insider. “I feel like Netflix should ask if we care or feel like doing it. They didn’t ask me anything. They just did.”

Isbell also said that although the series will raise money for Netflix, none of the money will go to the children or grandchildren of the victims. “If the show benefits them in some way, it’s not going to be so intense and mindless,” Isbell said. “It’s sad that [Netflix] is making money off of this tragedy. It’s just greed.”

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Despite Miles Teller’s Brilliance, SNL Continues to Operate on Autopilot.


After a huge exodus of eight former cast members, four new cast members joined, and a host from this summer’s greatest blockbuster—no, not Tom Cruise, but rookie Miles Teller—SNL returned for its 48th season. This was discussed in the cold opening as Teller, who was portraying Peyton Manning, offered commentary on a secondary cold opening sketch starring Trump visiting his resort. Perhaps this meta-approach appeared clever on paper, but in practice one would wonder: Why didn’t the writers take this new opportunity to just come up with something amusing, without the needless citations, as opposed to producing a sketch about why a sketch isn’t funny?

most repetitive sketch

SNL Rooftop Bar
The second episode of the night, “Rooftop Bar,” which concentrated on men’s inability to appropriately or coherently connect with women, was somehow worse than the first. Together with “Send Something Normal,” this sketch highlights the show’s fundamental flaw: Its continued reliance on the viewpoint of contemporary masculinity, even when making fun of it (see the Trombone Champ joke in “Weekend Update”).

Featured sketch of the evening

SNL’s Charmin Bears
The episode’s first perplexing addition was the Charmin Bears skit, which was then followed by the McDonald’s part and Caribbean Queens. It had no point, relied almost entirely on gross humor and worn-out family relationships, and the conclusion essentially consisted of Teller and Bowen Yang dancing as bears. Only after a genuine Charmin toilet paper commercial did its placement make sense. But why can’t SNL pull off comic product placement as well as 30 Rock did with these Snapple and Verizon jokes over ten years ago? Evolution Adds New Gold Bar Roulette Variant to Its Live Gaming Portfolio

Sketch Better late than never

It has been a mystery for more than a year as to why SNL didn’t parody the now infamous Nicole Kidman AMC commercial. Kidman’s seriousness is combined with an overdone Australian accent in Chloe Fineman’s latest imitation of a famous person. The sketch’s unexpected turn of turning the common movie-going experience into a mystical conjuring that has Kidman take flight in some sort of transcendent ritual would have been funny had it focused on the less amusing aspects of the multiplex (such as people texting, sticky floors, or someone sitting next to 카지노사이트you when there are plenty of open seats).

MVP for the evening

After 20 seasons, Kenan Thompson is still one of the show’s highlights. He seems to be in almost every skit, so hopefully he is getting paid more than the other actors. He is able to find humor in even subpar films like “Charmin Bears” and “Send Something Normal.” Good work.

Reptile, a Netflix film starring Benicio Del Toro: What We Know So Far


Netflix is ​​teaming up with Black Label Media to produce the thriller Reptile starring Benicio Del Toro. Black Label Media is well known for being the company that brought us hits such as La La Land and Sicario.

Netflix’s Reptile will be helmed by prolific music video director Grant Singer, who has worked with big names like Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Lorde and more. Reptile will mark Singer’s first feature film. The film was written by singer and Benjamin Brewer whose credits include The Trust and Beneath Conmpt.

The Black Label team spoke about their collaboration with Del Toro and Singer in a joint statement:

“We’re delighted to be working with one of the best emerging actors, Grant Singer in his film debut alongside the brilliant Benicio Del Toro, Grant is an awe-inspiring storyteller a song that created a sophisticated and visceral sense that we were happy with the opportunity to do. something truly devastating and incredible that will appeal to the audience long after the film.

Black Label Media will produce and fund Bird, directed by Molly Smith, Trent Luckinbill and Thad Luckinbill. Seth Spector will co-star. Benicio Del Toro will also produce. Netflix first teamed up with Black Label Media and Sierra Burgess was a loser. Netent Starburst – One of the Most Popular Online Slots

Here’s everything we know about Netflix’s Reptile:

What is physical planning? Not much is known about the Beast’s plot, but Variety revealed a few insights from Del Toro’s character description:

Netflix has acquired the worldwide rights to Meatballs from Black Label Media, placing Oscar nominee Justin Timberlake (Palmer, The Social Network) alongside Benicio Del Toro (Sicario, Traffic), whose casting was previously announced.

The film picks up after the brutal murder of a young businessman, and follows a hardened detective (Del Toro) as he tries to uncover the truth in a case where nothing is as it seems. it seems. In doing so, he finds himself dispelling the illusion of his life. 카지노사이트

Popular video director Grant Singer directs the picture in his debut. He wrote the screenplay with Benjamin Brewer (The Trust, Beneath Conmpt).

Molly Smith, Trent Luckinbill and Thad Luckinbill are producing for Black Label Media, with Black Label co-producer Seth Spector. Del Toro and Rachel Smith are executive producers.

Timberlake recently played the title role in the Apple Original Film Palmer. He has also appeared in the films Trolls by DreamWorks Animation, Inside Llewyn Davis by the Coen Brothers, The Problem with the Curve and Clint Eastwood, Action thriller In Time by Andrew Niccol, Friends and Benefits by Will Gluck, The Bad Teacher by Jake. Kasdan and David Fincher. A network of relationships between other names.

Timberlake is repped by WME, LBI and Ziffren Brittenham. Singer is repped by CAA, Anonymous Content and Ziffren Brittenham. Del Toro is represented by LBI, Range Media and Hansen Jacobson.

Variety revealed in December 2020 that Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro will star as Nichols, a tough New England detective. Del Toro’s most recent credits include The French Dispatch, Abrupt Departure and Escape from Dannemora. No other cast members are known at this time.

What’s the Netflix release date for Reptile?

Production on Netflix’s Reptile is scheduled to begin on September 13, 2021 and wrap on November 15, 2021. Filming will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, according to Production Weekly 1259.

What is the Netflix release date for Beast? Netflix has yet to release a date for the animated feature, but given its production date, we’re confident that the film will see its release sometime in mid-2022.