Is the Gambling and Casino Industry Booming During Infectious Diseases?

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The Corona 19 Pandemic is already widespread around the world. As a result, most industries were adversely affected.
Companies around the world have been hit by the fact that the majority of the world’s population has to stay home. But companies are looking 에볼루션게이밍 for ways to drive their business. And there is one industry that has seen steady growth even in this time of economic uncertainty: online gambling.

But why is this relatively esoteric form of entertainment so prominent in this disruptive age? What is driving the steady rise in online gambling over the past few months?

In this article, we are going to examine the answers to all these questions and more. In addition, we are also going to take a look at the future of the online gambling industry. So stay tuned for what promises to be an interesting talk.

economic gambling game

please think about it. For the past few months, the whole world has been blocked. Even now, no one knows how long we will have to live under this pandemic veil to open up and return to normal.

During this long voluntary isolation, we have undergone many changes that take a toll on our private and public lives. Trade activity has collapsed and the world is heading for the worst recession in history. According to an infographic provided by, the pandemic could damage the global economy in unprecedented ways, potentially as much as $20 trillion!

Unsurprisingly, this scenario casts a dark cloud over the labor market. As businesses begin to close and jobs are lost, people increasingly turn to other sources of income to make a living.

In times like these, online gambling offers a means by which people can earn a substantial income. Therefore, a large part of the world population tends to this lucrative method for their livelihood.

entertainment elements

Another aspect of gambling to consider is entertainment and addiction. Being stuck at home during the Great Lockdown has wreaked psychological damage on the world.

Humanity is a social species, but social distancing is essential to our health and well-being today. Of course, traditional forms of entertainment that involve close social interactions, like offline casinos, have been hit hard.

However, there is no such problem in online gambling. When visiting an online casino, players do not have to make physical contact with anyone. They can play and win from the comfort of their homes.

And that’s not all; through online gambling sites, players can ensure that they continue socializing with others, albeit virtually. This helps reduce the feeling of isolation and promotes better health and mental well-being.

Excitement In The Times Of Covid-19

There’s no denying that the pandemic has had a negative impact on everyone’s minds, everywhere. Online gambling has provided a channel 먹튀검증 by which people can take their mind off things and rekindle the excitement that life has, or rather had to offer. Sitting at home waiting for the disease to pass can be very tiring and somewhat annoying. By playing black-jack online, betting on virtual slot machines and spending time in digital roulette, people not only pass the time but also try to revive their lives.

Submit payments with ease

Another factor that played a key role in the rise of online gambling is the ease of collecting electronic payments. In traditional gambling, winning had to be physically won. But today this is not possible in the midst of a terrible epidemic. In online gambling, players can win through virtual channels. This means you have instant access to your funds without entering the real world. It’s also a win-win situation as the casino doesn’t have to deal with the wrong customers.


Due to the combination of factors mentioned above, online gambling and many other industries expect steady growth. This is certainly good news for the online gambling community at a time when other major industries, especially those related to entertainment, are in decline. Online casinos and gambling concepts have already been established in the European Union, but are rapidly catching up in North America. Covid-19 has brought opportunities in this field. One can only hope that online gambling will become mainstream soon.

Which companies will benefit from the spread of the novel coronavirus?

The coronavirus pandemic can adversely affect almost every sector of the economy and lead to a global crisis. However, in this situation, it was possible to know which business areas benefited.

Analysts are already starting to talk about the possibility of the coronavirus causing a new economic crisis. The spread of the disease in China has shut down factories of major companies such as Airbus, Boeing and Saffron, and many companies are shutting down operations. All of this could lead to serious losses for firms in a wide range of industries, from airlines and winemakers to luxury goods manufacturers.

Some Play, Others Win

The spread of coronavirus can spur the development of the online gaming industry. An analyst of brokerage firm Nomura Jalong Shi notes that most of the existing Chinese market games-blockbusters from January increased the average game 카지노사이트 추천 time and the number of purchases.

The game Honor of King, released by Tencent during the Chinese New Year, has crossed the threshold of 100 million active users per day (the usual figures for it are 60-70 thousand users). Most likely, the popularity of the games will not fade away for some time: most training sessions have been postponed, namely, students constitute the main audience of mobile and online games.

Shea notes that among Chinese internet companies, the shares of Tencent Holdings and NetEase (both engaged in online gaming) show some of the best results on the exchange.

The attendance of social networks and various entertainment sites has also increased. But for such companies, increasing the number of users will not necessarily lead to higher revenues. Although the traffic of such sites has increased, most advertisers in the conditions of coronavirus-induced uncertainty adhere to marketing budgets.

Virus Delivery

Andrew Sullivan, director of Pearl Bridge Partners, a Hong Kong-based financial services group, said on CNBC that online retailers and delivery services can benefit from coronavirus development. Such expectations are logical: due to the recommendations of the authorities and the fear of contagion, people no longer try to leave the house, but still need daily products and goods.

On the other hand, the emergence of quarantine zones in China and road closures may limit the opportunities for online retailers and delivery companies.

Due to long vacation periods in educational institutions and businesses, delivery services, where the majority of customers are students and employees, may also be in short supply. The closure of many restaurants has also limited the choice of dishes available.

In addition, the demand for delivery services could decrease for fear of contamination by couriers. To reassure customers, KFC and Pizza Hut have launched a contactless delivery service in China (delivery staff stop, wait for customers to arrive, and customers wait a few feet away to take orders). …the same method is used by the largest Meituan and delivery apps in China. Couriers must also wear masks and disinfect their hands with a special solution.

Shea also mentions that despite all the difficulties, logistics companies can take advantage of difficult times to improve their perception. For example, JD Logistics (owned by and SF Express (part of SF Holding) are often mentioned by charities because they help medical teams fighting disease to give everything they need. This approach can increase your company’s brand awareness.

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