Minimum Age for Gambling in Countries Around the World and Unique Demographics

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The online gambling industry is growing by leaps and bounds. However, it is interesting to see the types of online casino games and favorite entertainment from one region to another.

There are some differences in preference from one culture 바카라사이트 to another. The age you must be to play online varies slightly from country to country.

Read our article to learn more about the basic demographics and age limits for online gambling in regions such as EU, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and some Asian countries in the world.

How old do you have to be to play in these gambling places?

Europe has completely become the gambling capital of the world. The UK has been a big contributor to its success, adding over £14.2 billion in value in 2020 at the height of the pandemic.

The other main competitors in the gambling industry are Italy, Germany, France and Spain.

How old do I have to be to gamble in Europe?

Well, in both live retail and online casinos, the average age for casino and sports betting is 18, while bingo and lottery scratch cards are between 16 and 18 depending on your country of residence.

As Europe’s largest gambling market, we thought we would focus more on the UK. Over 45% of the country gambles every month.

The lottery is the biggest revenue stream in the gaming sector and attracts 30% of the population. Over 22% of players bet here more than once a week.

Sports betting is also a big industry, with most gamblers (47%) betting on the outcome of soccer matches.

Statistics at the height of the 2020 pandemic reveal some surprises in gaming demographics. Here, 31% are trying online gambling for the first time.

Most popular with newcomers

Her average gambling per capita in the UK is just £2 a week or £135 a year. The most likely age to gamble is between 35 and 64, but due to the pandemic, the 45 to 54 age group was the most active online in 2020.

Men tend to gamble more than women, with overall statistics showing that 37% of men and 28% of women in the UK gamble. The most likely platform was the cell phone.

Online casinos were already the most profitable in 2019 (before the pandemic), exceeding £3.19 billion that year. Bingo has tremendous support from the British, far surpassing the rest of Europe.

How old do you have to be to play in the UK?

  • Online casinos, poker and sports betting – 18 years old
  • Lottery scratch cards (in store) – 16 years old
  • Football pools – 16 years old
  • Retail Casinos – 18 years old

The UK takes underage gambling seriously and can impose fines of up to £1,000 for breaking the law.


With over 19 million online users, Canada ranks eighth in the world for online gaming. And they are also passionate players. Average per capita spending in 2002 was about $450 per year.

Although modern statistics are unclear, the growth of the sector is. Today’s estimates are expected to increase this cost per year by a reasonable margin.

In online casinos, Canadians tend to play fantasy games in the following order:

  • The holes
  • black jack
  • poker
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat

How old do you have to be to play in Canadian casinos?

Local laws for retail casinos 먹튀검증 and registered online sites in Canada limit the age of players to 19 in most provinces. This limit increases to 18 in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec. Many Canadians play at remote offshore online casinos. Therefore, only 18+ can play.

United States

The online gambling industry in the US is still in its infancy. Only five states (New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia) offer regulated online casino gambling.

The most popular gaming options include online slots and live dealer casino games, especially roulette and blackjack. The US Supreme Court repealed PASPA a few years ago, which means sports betting is legalized every year in the new states.

Here, American sports betting is often placed on NFL, NBA, MLB and other home sports leagues. This is a fairly new addition to the game system, but it has been well received.

Currently, it is the best performing segment for online gambling in the country. This is due to severe restrictions on online casinos in 45 other states. How old do you have to be to play in the US?

Online gambling is legal in most states in the United States if you are over the age of 21. Montana, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Washington sportsbook participants may be 18 years of age or older.

Most states allow lottery and bingo games for players over the age of 18.

It is important to note that many offshore casinos, 카지노 sports betting sites and poker sites target Americans. Here players under the age of 18 can play on the platform.

Legality falls into a gray area in most states. In other areas it is completely illegal.


The Australian online casino industry does not exist until players dare to gamble outside illegally. Therefore the main source of online income comes from horse racing and sports betting.

That being said, lotteries and then pokie (slot machines) make up most of the money for retail gambling. Slot machines can be found in bars, pubs and casinos across the country.

Horse racing and sports betting are also very popular as bets can be placed remotely. According to the Australian Gaming Council, betting on horses, dogs and sports contributed $5.8 billion in revenue in 2019.

Even though there is no online casino, Australians are the biggest gamblers when it comes to gambling in the world.

The average loss per player is $ 1,260 per year. Most of them are men over 50 (54.2%). The age group that spends the least money on the game is between 18 and 24.

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