Despite Miles Teller’s Brilliance, SNL Continues to Operate on Autopilot.

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After a huge exodus of eight former cast members, four new cast members joined, and a host from this summer’s greatest blockbuster—no, not Tom Cruise, but rookie Miles Teller—SNL returned for its 48th season. This was discussed in the cold opening as Teller, who was portraying Peyton Manning, offered commentary on a secondary cold opening sketch starring Trump visiting his resort. Perhaps this meta-approach appeared clever on paper, but in practice one would wonder: Why didn’t the writers take this new opportunity to just come up with something amusing, without the needless citations, as opposed to producing a sketch about why a sketch isn’t funny?

most repetitive sketch

SNL Rooftop Bar
The second episode of the night, “Rooftop Bar,” which concentrated on men’s inability to appropriately or coherently connect with women, was somehow worse than the first. Together with “Send Something Normal,” this sketch highlights the show’s fundamental flaw: Its continued reliance on the viewpoint of contemporary masculinity, even when making fun of it (see the Trombone Champ joke in “Weekend Update”).

Featured sketch of the evening

SNL’s Charmin Bears
The episode’s first perplexing addition was the Charmin Bears skit, which was then followed by the McDonald’s part and Caribbean Queens. It had no point, relied almost entirely on gross humor and worn-out family relationships, and the conclusion essentially consisted of Teller and Bowen Yang dancing as bears. Only after a genuine Charmin toilet paper commercial did its placement make sense. But why can’t SNL pull off comic product placement as well as 30 Rock did with these Snapple and Verizon jokes over ten years ago? Evolution Adds New Gold Bar Roulette Variant to Its Live Gaming Portfolio

Sketch Better late than never

It has been a mystery for more than a year as to why SNL didn’t parody the now infamous Nicole Kidman AMC commercial. Kidman’s seriousness is combined with an overdone Australian accent in Chloe Fineman’s latest imitation of a famous person. The sketch’s unexpected turn of turning the common movie-going experience into a mystical conjuring that has Kidman take flight in some sort of transcendent ritual would have been funny had it focused on the less amusing aspects of the multiplex (such as people texting, sticky floors, or someone sitting next to 카지노사이트you when there are plenty of open seats).

MVP for the evening

After 20 seasons, Kenan Thompson is still one of the show’s highlights. He seems to be in almost every skit, so hopefully he is getting paid more than the other actors. He is able to find humor in even subpar films like “Charmin Bears” and “Send Something Normal.” Good work.

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