Elon Musk’s Launches New Perfume Business to Buy Twitter

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The new business for entrepreneur Elon Musk, a perfume called “Burnt Hair” and which he described as “the best perfume in the world” which costs $100 a bottle and will begin shipping early next year.

He sells it through The Boring Company, his equipment company, and shares the story and launches himself so his followers can buy it. He says 10,000 units have already been sold. He pleaded with people in a tweet, “Please buy my product, so that I can buy Twitter.”

What is the Story Behind the Perfume?

In the movie Monsters SA, where the actors use ‘scent’ to smell a dog, or a garbage bag, they say that this perfume does not smell like a Bulgarian rose . “The essence of disgusting desire,” read the description of the website used to introduce the new fragrance. As he says on Twitter, 10,000 units have already been sold, which means that when added, he would have already received more than one million euros in just three days since the launch of the perfume was announced 카지노사이트. The billionaire changed his life on Twitter, describing himself as “a perfumer”. Also, through the social network, he also thinks…

“With a name like mine, getting into the perfume business is inevitable – why did I fight it for so long!?”

The perfume is a complete joke that accidentally came true. At the end of September, Musk mentioned the upcoming product, tweeting “Hair – a fragrance for men by Singed” “a link to the company’s previous terrible Boring product, the best seller in 2018.

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The Influencer’s Book

This fragrance continues the billionaire’s efforts as an actor, which means investing in his stardom.

Musk has nearly 109 million Twitter followers, making him the fourth most followed personality behind President Barack Obama and pop stars Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. Musk doesn’t spend a penny on advertising his products and services. He knows that his tweets are enough to get people talking about him and his company. He also uses that feeling.

Billionaire has started putting ideas for perfume last month. It came off as some kind of inside joke.

“Hair on fire – a fragrance for men by singing,” said the billionaire on September 1. 27. “Coming fast from the @BoringCompany, the same guys who sold you firecrackers.”

He added, “Stand out of the crowd! Know you’re going to the airport!”

Perfume packaging

The fragrance is presented in a red wine bottle, it is not known if it is in the diffuser or opened directly, and according to the entrepreneur, it is “an omnigender product”

The cent, which will arrive in the first quarter of 2023, can be purchased with Doge, a Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency that uses dogs as pets, in support of the entrepreneur.

The company’s website assures that wearing its fragrance is “like leaning on a candle on the table, but without the hard work.”

The global fragrance market is expected to grow by 41% to $43.2 billion in 2028 from $30.6 billion in 2021, according to research from Fortune Business Insights.

“Perfumes are often a mixture of aromatic and aromatic oils,” says the study. “The rising demand for beauty products worldwide is driving the beauty industry. This, in turn, is expected to drive the growth of the market body.”

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