McDonald’s Recently Unveiled Arches 2.0

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CHICAGO – The new leadership and doubling of the four Ds of delivery, digital, recruitment and development are part of McDonald’s Corp.’s Accelerating the Arches 2.0 initiative. revealed earlier this month.

As part of the strategic launch process, the company created four new positions. Effective February 1, Morgan Flatley will be promoted to executive vice president, global marketing director; Skye Anderson will be promoted to President, Global Business Services; Andrew Gregory will be senior vice president, global sales and development and new business; and Spero Droulias will take on the role of Vice President, Head of Reform. The company is planning its future growth around MC-D, increasing sales, investing in key products and doubling in the four Ds of delivery, digital, drive-through development.

In Jan. Message 6 and McDonald’s Global Employees, Chris Kempczinski, President and CEO, said, “As we enter 2023 from a position of strength, we cannot stand still. As Ray Kroc said, “If you are not green alive and growing, you are mature and rotten.” Fortunately, there is still great potential for growth in our ‘M-C-D’ pillars,” he said. “However, to fully understand the potential of our plan, we also need to rationally assess where we can do better.”

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McDonald’s said it plans to increase its sales by focusing more on advertising as a popular law as they drive growth and promote its brand.

“We will continue to build on this strategy and change all platforms and markets to find new ways to capture the zeitgeist and keep our customers happy,” the company said. McDonald’s plans to find new ways to improve on menu items such as the Big Mac, fries and Chicken McNuggets. The company said that chicken will continue to be a growth engine as it seeks to increase global sales. The focus on digital, delivery and driving in 2023 continues to be a priority for fast-paced restaurants. McDonald’s said that in its six main markets, digital accounts account for more than a third of all sales, including orders through McDelivery or at restaurant kiosks. The company plans to continue making new advances as demand grows. A new experimental concept was recently developed for the first time at a McDonald’s restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas.

Mcdonald’s Has Unveiled a New Salad Mix

OAK ROOK, ARYA. -McDonald’s Corp. offers a fresh salad mix featuring red leaf lettuce and crunchy carrots combined with chopped romaine, baby spinach and baby kale.

“Product color is a reflection of different foods,” said Jessica Foust, McDonald’s executive chef and registered dietitian. “A fresh salad mix provides at least 2.5 cups of vegetables.”

McDonald’s sources its red and green lettuce from Taylor Farms, Fresh Express, Ready Pac and McEntire Produce. Last year, the fast-food industry switched from using iceberg lettuce in its salads to more nutritious foods, said Andrew Williams, senior product manager at Fresh Express. “Iceberg has been an important ingredient in salads since the 1930s, but McDonald’s looked at its salads and decided that it was necessary to create something new by adding flavor and nutrients. We are also seeing a big change in the industry and Top it off with kale, arugula and spinach.

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Most McDonald’s lettuce is harvested in California’s Salinas Valley in the summer and in Yuma, Arizona in the winter, according to the company. When the greens are ready to pick, harvesters start as early as midnight or 1 a.m., when the lettuce is soft and fresh, Williams said.

“The greens are planted in such a way that the growers can harvest six days a week and freeze in four to six hours,” he said. “The farmers feed the greens from the farm manager, then the greens are washed twice, fed by another feeder and stored before delivery. at any McDonald’s delivery center.

Mcdonald’s is Rolling Out a New Dollar Menu – Again

OAK ROOK, ARYA. -McDonald’s Corp. is launching $1, $2, $3 menus nationally in the new year, the latest in a series of meaningful menu changes in recent years. This iteration gives something with three price factors; $1 menu items include a sausage burrito, McChicken sandwich, cheeseburger, and soft drink each; $2 menu items include sausage McGriddles, double sided milkshake 에볼루션미니게임, Bacon McDouble sandwich and a small McCafe drink; and $3 items include a Sausage McMuffin and Egg, Fresh Classic Chicken Sandwich. Triple Cheeseburger and Happy Meal. “We built this new menu with variety and value,” said Chris Kempczinski, president of McDonald’s USA. others. Whatever our customers want – delicious food, fresh flavors, mid-day meals or family meals – they will find that the $1-$2-$3 menu offers value and choice.

The $1 $2 $3 dollar collection is the latest change in the value chain’s fast food chain. Recently, McDonald’s offered a McPick 2 promotion, which for $2 includes two items from a selection of sandwiches and sides. As Mike Andres, CEO of McDonald’s USA at the time, explained it when the idea was first introduced: “The new platform will not be tied to a single price, but it will allow our customers to combine their own meals as according to their wishes. wishes, which they told us are very important to them. Our overall goal and our value proposition is first to provide what our customers want, to give them the opportunity to choose when they contribute to traffic restaurant ways and benefits.

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