ESL Challenger at DreamHack Valencia 2022 Starts Soon

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ESL Challenger is a relatively new series organized by ESL and sponsored by the likes of Intel, DHL, and Monster Energy. Its main goal is to provide a competition for tier-B teams from which they can contest for a spot on one of the scene’s biggest competitions, the ESL Pro League. 카지노사이트

More precisely, the winner of this contest gets a spot on the EPL Conference Season 17 from which they can qualify for the most prestigious ESL CSGO competition. It’s not the easiest of qualification roads, but it’s going to be just enough for one of these teams, that’s for sure.

ESL Challenger at DreamHack Valencia Starts Next Friday

The contest is going to be played as a LAN in Valencia, Spain. More precisely, Feria Valencia is going to be the location; the ideal venue for all things esports.

The action starts next Friday, July 1st and will go on for the entire weekend. Only eight teams are set to participate in this $100,000 competition, but their quality is actually at an admirable level.

No, we don’t see the likes of G2 and Faze Clan participate on ESL Challenger in Valencia. But, the likes of FURIA, Movistar Riders, and Outsiders ought to put on quite the show in Spain. In fact, here’s the full list of participants:

  • MIBR
  • Movistar Riders
  • Outsiders
  • Sprout
  • HUMMER Esports
  • Rare Atom

Unfortunately, we still don’t know the group stage distribution. We should get an update in the next 48 hours or so, after which we’ll have a ton of CSGO betting lines on display as well.

What we do know is that the tournament will kick off with a group stage – two groups with four teams in each. We’re looking at double-elimination groups with a mixture of best-of-ones and best-of-threes.

Top four teams, two from each of the groups, will advance to the semifinals where they’ll need to win two more bo3s to be crowned as the champions.

That’s basically all you need to know about ESL Challenger at DreamHack Valencia. If you’re interested in watching or betting on this event, make sure you visit us again in a couple of days as we we’re bound to have additional betting-related content for it.

ESL has announced a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive women’s circuit for 2022. The aim of the circuit is to “increase awareness, provide new opportunities and improve the representation for all women CS:GO players,” according to the press release. The new circuit, sponsored by Intel and DHL, will offer a total of $500,000 across regional leagues, standalone events at DreamHack festivals and ESL Cash Cups.

The circuit is the first part of a new program called #GGFORALL, which will include several Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to “decrease the company’s environmental impact, to aid in establishing an inclusive gaming community free of discrimination, verbal abuse and bullying, and much more,” according to the release. The company has already announced a plan to offset its carbon emissions.

“By providing an infrastructure equal to their male counterparts, we are thrilled to create more visibility and opportunities for women in the esports space, as well as to support them in their professional development and to help make their dreams come true,” Roberta Hernandez, SVP People and Culture at ESL Gaming, said.

ESL has also committed to instituting a women players council. The council will provide input in developing the CS:GO ecosystem for women and will create “a platform for consolidated feedback towards ESL Gaming and other Tournament Organizers.”

Finally, ESL has committed to increasing representation of women within their company and as broadcasting talent. They plan to introduce a “talent development program” that will provide aspiring talent with the skills and the tools to succeed. The program will also offer opportunities to cast ESL competitions. 바카라사이트

Regional leagues

Two regional leagues in Europe and North American will feature eight teams each, competing for a $150,000 prize pool. The three best teams from both regions, along with a South American and an Asian-Pacific team coming from open qualifiers, participate in the Global League Finals at DreamHack Dallas (June 3-5, 2022) and DreamHack Winter (Nov. 25-27, 2022).

DreamHack festivals

Besides the league finals, other DreamHack festivals will feature standalone women’s events. Each event will pit eight teams from all four regions — Europe, North America, South America and Asian-Pacific — against each other for a $100,000 prize pool, the same as the ESL Pro Tour Challenger events.

The first event will take place at DreamHack Valencia on July 1-3, 2022.

ESL Cash Cups

The final part of the new women’s circuit will add ESEA Cash Cups for women’s teams. Teams with a full women’s roster can compete twice a month for their share of a total of $4,000 prize pool (split evenly between the Asian-Pacific, European, North American and South American regions). The Cash Cups will begin in Jan. 2022. 온라인카지노

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