Putin Permits Former Prisoners to Enlist in the Ukrainian War

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Convicted murderers and drug dealers who have recently been released from prison in Russia are at risk of being drafted to fight in Ukraine under a law change.

President Vladimir Putin has amended the call-up law to include men convicted of serious crimes who have recently been released from prison. Ex-prisoners convicted of child sex crimes or terrorism are still prohibited from working.

The Russian military has been accused of committing crimes when it invaded Ukraine. The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine, established by the UN, reported in September that the Russian military had committed war crimes, including the collection of crimes against civilians and acts of “sexual and sexual violence” committed by “some” soldiers. 안전한카지노사이트

Ukraine itself says it has identified tens of thousands of potential Russian soldiers. Russia has denied deliberately targeting civilians and has accused Ukrainian forces of shelling civilians in the country’s separatist region, which Ukraine has denied.

The UN commission said it found “two cases of ill-treatment by the Russian military against Ukrainian soldiers”, but the number of alleged war crimes against Russia is “definitely higher”. In September, reports emerged that the Wagner mercenary group was recruiting prisoners to fight in Ukraine in exchange for their convictions.

Russian law does not allow prison sentences to be commuted in exchange for financial services, but Wagner director Yevgeny Prigozhin made a video telling prisoners ‘no one goes back to prison’ if they are with his group serves. On Friday, Wagner opened his first official headquarters in Russia, in the city of Saint Petersburg. How Ukraine is Winning the Social Media War

President Putin announced that about 49,000 of the approximately 300,000 security forces that have been called up since September have already brought members to serve in Ukraine. He told a Kremlin-controlled group of young men and women called the Popular Front that “about 50,000 volunteers have signed up.

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Western military experts in Ukraine said that Putin’s decision to call in the security forces shows that the Russian military is failing on the battlefield in Ukraine. Thousands of Russian anti-war men have fled the country since the announcement.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, thousands of civilians and soldiers have been killed or injured, cities and villages have been destroyed in the fighting and almost 7.8 million Ukrainians have been registered. to refugees in Europe, including 2.8 million in Russia.

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