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Do you remember the old school flash game websites that you used to play your favorite games for hours on end?

Fun times, right? Online games are one of the most reviewed and appreciated software. Sure, you might have the most amazing game controls and the best graphics right now, but I still prefer simple online flash games. Open the browser, that’s it! It has its own vibe.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy playing Counter-Strike or the need for speed or call of duty, but online flash games are important. I have listed the best flash game websites that offer free online games in this article.

Since Flash support was removed from modern browsers in 2020, many old gaming websites are trying to protect their reputation by converting them to HTML5 versions or using emulators like Ruffle. Or provide a way for them to use other software like SuperNova.

We will look at all the websites one by one and find out which sites have taken the lead in this list of the best websites where you can play flash games safely. Let’s go!


Kongregate is another great option on our list of the best flash game sites that offers a collection of over 128,000 games that you can play online for free.

Kongregate uses the SuperNova SWF activator to allow players to continue accessing their flash content. It also offers different badges to achieve good scores in many games. You can share your score on Facebook and show your badge to your friends. Swords and Souls, Zombotron, and Learn to Fly 2 are some of the popular game titles on the site.

Founded in 2006, Kongregate is the leading free-to-play mobile game with over 250 million games across iOS and Android. Developers can host their games on Kongregate as it provides an open platform for all types of web games. It also offers a publishing program that allows game developers to reach millions of users across multiple platforms. Popular games: Mutilate-a-Doll 2, Realm Grinder, Learn to Fly 2, Kingdom Rush

Addicting Games

Home to some viral and addictive games like Helicopter, Kitten Cannon, Tanks, and Stunt Dirt Bike, Addictive Games is another top flash game site with a lot to offer. Founded in 2002, it was one of the first online gaming portals and brought important titles to the online browser gaming space.

The addictive games website has a library of over 4000 games and continues to add new games every week. Additionally, they have ported and released their most popular flash games in HTML5. Recently, the Ruffle emulator is used to support all their games in your browser, saving the old time and erasing. All games and addictive games are free and ad supported 카지노사이트. However, you have the option to skip ads for free with a Game Pass that costs $2.50/month (paid annually or $3.50 paid monthly). Also, up to five family members and friends can use their premium accounts and give you access to upcoming games.

Armor Games

Armor Games (formerly known as Games of Gondor) is another Flash website founded by Daniel McNeely in 2007 in California. The site offers games in different genres like puzzle, shooting, strategy, racing, etc. The company became famous with Lord of the Rings games such as Hob the Hobbit, Battle for Gondor and Orc Slayer. Armor Games has more than 3700 games in its flash game category.

Unfortunately, not all of them work now (after the death of Flash) because the game needs to be compatible with modern browsers. In terms of general layout and game design, I found Armor’s website easy to navigate and review games in different genres.

New Grounds

Newgrounds is an American website founded by Tom Fulp in 1996. The website is the oldest Flash Portal website and has a local user rating system. This website offers many games in different genres like action, puzzle, casino, travel and many more. In addition to this, the website provides visitors with many movies and audio tracks. is another great website that offers good flash games. Different games are provided for free and cover different genres like sports, adventure, action, puzzle, multiplayer, etc. The website is in Indonesian, but you can always translate it using Google Translate.


Nitrome is another decent flash game site with 160 game titles available. Twenty-three of them have already been converted to HTML5; Others are also being built.

Using the SuperNova chrome extension, you can access Nitrome’s entire catalog of more than 130 flash games that have not been modified in HTML-enhanced versions. This game is designed for different versions of Flash and HTML5 so you will need to install the SuperNova plugin.

Nitrome’s website looks a bit sketchy; Do not rely solely on the appearance of the site. The games are good and they work well. The Nitrome team plans to improve the look and feel of their website in development.

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Flash site of BlueMaxima

BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint project is dedicated to preserving the history and culture of the Internet, and Flash is definitely a candidate.

As you know, Adobe announced the end of Flash in 2017, and browsers are about to retire Flash support for other advanced technologies (such as HTML5). Meaning: Loss of flash games and other flash-based media content.

Ben Latimore, an Australian, came to the rescue and founded Flashpoint, with the aim of organizing flash content as much as possible. Flashpoint is a community-driven project that has successfully documented more than 100,000 web games and 10,000 shows running on Flash with the help of more than 100 sponsors and supporters.

FAQ on flash game sites

Here are the most frequently asked questions by our readers about the best flash game sites.

Can I play flash games online in 2022?

Adobe Flash changed the Internet in its time (1996-2020). But, weaknesses and security problems and advances in technology made others better and finally Adobe announced the end of its driver support in 2017. Therefore, at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, all browsers known ama stopped supporting the flash player, and in it. In other words, any media is powered by flash technology. Although Flash is officially dead, browsers are being made to use HTML5 and the ever-growing Ruffle emulator.

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For any flash game you want to play online that hasn’t been converted to HTML5 or updated for Ruffle emulator support, you can install the SuperNova extension on your Google Chrome browser. Unfortunately, it is only for Windows at the moment, and the Mac version is in the works).

I installed the SuperNova add-on but I can’t load the game? Try clearing your browser cache and reload the page. If it still doesn’t work, try your browser’s incognito mode or restart the browser once.

How will flash games still play if flash is dead?

If Flash is dead because of a security flaw, how can you play the game? Popular flash games are converted to HTML5 format that runs the same code from the original flash game file (like an emulator). As an added benefit, you can also play these HTML5 versions in your mobile browser. On the other hand, some websites like Addicing Games and Armor Games have chosen to support Ruffle emulator which removes the dependency on SWF player for running content through the browser. So light games work as your browser always supports them – thanks to the magic of the Ruffle emulator!

What is a great flash game site? Based on the number of games and types of games supported by these websites and their contribution to the life of flash games, Miniclip, Addicted Games, Kongregate and Armor Games are the most popular.

Are Flash Games Dead?

The Flash is dead; Flash games are not! Thanks to developers who worked hard to convert their popular flash games to HTML5 and tools like the Ruffle emulator, Flash games are still alive and available on the top flash websites listed here.

What is SuperNova Reader?

Supernova Player allows you to play .swf files (flash files) in a static window on your PC. It will allow players to play their favorite SWF game content. Currently, there are no standalone players for Mac; according to the Supernova website, it is working and coming soon – don’t know when.

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