The Top 14 Business Simulation Games Of 2023: Economic And Strategic Education

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Are you looking for fantastic business strategy games that will help you understand microeconomics and possibly pick up a few business-related skills? You are undoubtedly at the proper place if you do, then. As it mirrors real-world conditions through activities like reading, seeing live demonstrations, practicing, etc., “learning by doing” is a tried-and-true method of gaining priceless knowledge. 

Any strategy game’s ideal objective, which in this case pertains to business, is to improve players’ understanding of numerous business components. The top 15 business simulation games this year are listed here, ranging in difficulty from medium to advanced.

14. Industry Giant II

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Even though Industry Giant II is marketed as a business simulation game, several essential components, such human resources and finance, are largely absent. It drew influence from various simulations of commercial operations, such Capitalism and Transport Tycoon, as well as simulations of city-building, including Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

In IG2, the player is in charge of producing and distributing the business’s goods against a background of the 20th century. The objective is to maximize operating earnings. There is also a “free game” option where you are not concerned about making money, but you are concerned about how interesting it might become without any financial incentive.

13. Airline Tycoon

Platform: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

One of the earliest business simulation games is called Airline Tycoon. The Deluxe edition of the game was eventually produced for Mac OS X and Linux, whereas the original game was first released in 1988 for Windows. Like all previous tycoon games, the main goal in this one is to amass enormous wealth and become a Tycoon. And the only way to achieve this is by preserving a favorable balance between income and expenses.

12. Transport Tycoon

Platform: PlayStation, iOS, android, MS-DOS

Similar to the previously mentioned Airline Tycoon, Transport Tycoon pits players against rival businesses while trying to maximize profits by moving people and various items by land, sea, and air.

11. Victoria II

Platform: Windows, macOS X

With Victoria II, you can govern one of the 200 playable nations throughout a century-long trip from 1836 to 1936. With a fair amount of complexity in the market system and 50 various sorts of items, the game places a lot of emphasis on the economic side of the narrative. Additionally, it emphasizes internal administration, industrialisation, and sociopolitical developments/aspects in a nation.

10. Port Royale: Gold, Power, and Pirates

Platform: Windows

like how pirates conduct their business? Then we have the perfect game for you. A business simulation game called Port Royal is set mostly in the Caribbean in the 16th and 17th centuries. Players can choose from a variety of in-game activities, including trading with pirates, in this game that combines real-time combat with commercial and economic simulation. Port Royale was a 2013 nominee for “Best Game No One Played” by GameSpot.

9. Theme Hospital

Platform: Windows, PlayStation

You have a hospital to manage instead of a factory or a chain of businesses, and you also need to make money from it. In the unique business simulation game Theme Hospital, you control a hospital that treats patients with fictitious illnesses while while earning a profit.

This game is Theme Park’s successor in many ways—a different Bullfrog productions management simulation game. Two Point Studios stated in January 2018 that they would soon be releasing Two Point Hospital, a spinoff of the Theme Hospital.

8. simCEO

Platform: Browser-based

All you need to do in simCEO is set up your business and join a vibrant stock market where you may control your own portfolio of investments. In the game, there are two types of players: instructors who design the ideal learning environment for the market and students.

Before investing in different companies, you must examine them based on that environment and any announcements. You can participate here either independently or in teams. SimCEO enables exceptional social learning for everyone in both ways, from solutions to business-related difficulties.

7. MobLab

Platform: Browser-based

An ambitious and expanding web business called MobLab offers interactive educational games to both individuals and even academic institutions. MobLab, which was founded by Caltech students, provides examples of simple to complicated theories in disciplines such as business administration, psychology, and economics. You may find videos and games for practically every key idea, from fundamentals like supply and demand to knowledge of the asset market.

6. Railroad Tycoon II

Platform: Windows, PlayStation

The third game in the well-liked Railroad Tycoon series, Railroad Tycoon II, was first made available in the US in 1998. The entire important period in rail transportation history is covered in the game. Your job as the chairman of the railroad firm is to cope with disasters like train breakdowns, robberies, economic downturns, etc. while doubling profits for investor advantages.

A key aspect of the game is how well the player can balance spending and income by selecting the appropriate locomotive for each task because each engine has its own special qualities, such as speed, favored cargo, and the ability to pace through high slopes or mountains.

5. Eve Online

Platform: Windows, macOS

Railroad Tycoon II, the third game in the popular series, became accessible in the US for the first time in 1998. The game covers every significant era in the history of rail transportation. As the chairman of the railroad company, it is your responsibility to manage catastrophes like train failures, robberies, and economic downturns while boosting profits for the benefit of investors.

The player’s ability to manage spending and income by choosing the best locomotive for each duty is a significant feature of the game. Each engine has unique qualities, such as speed, preferred freight, and the ability to pace through steep slopes or mountains.

4. OpenTTD

Platform: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, FreeBSD, Linux

In the open-source, multi-platform business simulation known as OpenTTD, users attempt to build their own transportation empire by controlling and gradually allocating income mostly from fare and cargo transportation. It is heavily influenced by the 1995 Chris Sawyer video game Transport Tycoon Deluxe, or you might say it replicates most of the game’s features.

As previously mentioned, you advance in this game by making money by moving people and products via land, train, water, and even air. Additionally, OpenTTD features customized maps, unique AI, ports, and multilingual support. Players can also play in groups in the game’s LAN and online multiplayer modes.

3. Virtonomics

Platform: Browser-based

Virtonomics is a turn-based, massively multiplayer online simulation game that emphasizes business process and operating principles and places them in a competitive setting. Players are able to declare their own objectives and use shrewd tactics and methods to accomplish those objectives in the absence of predetermined standards for success or failure and an endless game period.

The game’s non-linear gameplay, which prevents players from being limited to a certain number of options throughout, is its major selling point. Each player must 카지노사이트 make risky managerial decisions almost every step of the way as they compete with one another for market share.

2. Capitalism II

Platform: Windows, macOS X

Even though the business world of today is competitive, we still adore it since the rewards are so great. Making just one wise choice could take you to your ideal world. Trevor Chan’s Capitalism II gets close to simulating the real world of corporations and massive organizations, despite the fact that no computer simulation on Earth can match it.

The game, which is a lot like Virtonomics in that it lets you build and run a vast business empire. Every facet of real-world company is included, including production, marketing, buying, importing, and retailing. Playing your cards wisely is all that is required.

1. MIT Sloan Management Simulation Games

Platform: Browser-based

Along with Harvard, Wharton, Chicago Booth, Columbia, Kellogg, and Stanford, the MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the seven ultra-exclusive private schools that provide MBA programs. It has long been a leader in the field of business education, notably in terms of teaching methods. They assist students and participants in learning their way to the top by developing practical applications for the knowledge learned in the classroom.

One such contemporary program, luckily available to everyone for free, is their management simulation games. These games, which are created specifically for students, assist them in learning critical business strategies, practical techniques, and industry standards. However, the games’ primary goal is to give players a taste of management and how executive actions impact the overall economic ecosystem.

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