The impact of technology on society

Technology has had a profound impact on society in many ways, including changes to communication, work, education, entertainment, and more. This topic could explore the positive and negative effects of technology on various aspects of society.

Technology has had a profound impact on society, transforming the way we communicate, work, learn, and entertain ourselves. While technology undoubtedly brings many benefits, one must also consider its negative consequences.

In this essay, we will explore both the positive and negative effects of technology on various aspects of society.

One of the most significant positive impacts of technology has been on communication. Technology has made it easier than ever before to stay connected with people all over the world. 


Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow global sharing of thoughts and experiences. Messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat make it easy to stay connected with friends and family worldwide.

Technology has also transformed the way we work. Remote work and telecommuting eliminate the need for a physical office presence. Fostering a flexible and efficient workforce able to work from anywhere with internet access.

Technology facilitates enhanced collaboration, using tools like video conferencing and shared online workspaces for seamless teamwork, even when physically distant.

Technology has transformed education. Platforms like Coursera and Udemy enable global learning, allowing people to acquire new skills and knowledge from anywhere.

These platforms provide diverse courses, from programming to cooking, accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This has opened up educational opportunities to people who may not have had access to traditional classroom-based learning.

Technology has also had a significant impact on entertainment. Netflix and Hulu revolutionized media consumption, enabling on-demand viewing of TV shows and movies.

Technology transformed gaming, connecting people globally through online communities and multiplayer games.

While there are undoubtedly many technology benefits, there are also negative consequences that must be considered. One of the most significant negative impacts of technology has been on mental health. 

Comparing oneself and feeling pressured to project a perfect online image on social media leads to higher rates of anxiety, depression, and mental health issues.

The constant stream of notifications and information can also be overwhelming and lead to feelings of stress and burnout.

Technology has also harmed the job market by automating or outsourcing many jobs to other countries. This has led to job losses and economic insecurity for many people, particularly those in lower-skilled industries. 

The rise of the gig economy has also led to increased precarity. People work multiple part-time jobs with little job security or benefits.

Technology has also hurt privacy and security. Storing personal information online poses a risk of hacking or theft.

The rise of surveillance technologies, such as facial recognition and biometric identification, also raises concerns about privacy and civil liberties.


Technology has had a profound impact on society, transforming the way we communicate, work, learn, and entertain ourselves. While there are undoubtedly many technology benefits, there are also negative consequences that must be considered. 

Carefully consider technology’s impacts, working to minimize negatives and maximize benefits. By doing so, we can ensure that technology continues to improve our lives without causing harm. 카지노사이트

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How Quantum Computing Could Impact Drug Development in the Field of Medicine

The development of quantum computing could solve drug development issues that are too complex for classical computers, yet there are still significant obstacles to overcome. One day, complex issues with the healthcare supply chain might be solved by quantum computers, which might even be able to create brand-new medications. Experts anticipate a modest stream of fresh developments in the developing field for the time being.

Certain sorts of issues that are too difficult for conventional computers can be solved using quantum computing, which is based on the ideas of quantum mechanics. According to Maximillian Zinner, a quantum computing researcher at Witten/Herdecke University in Germany, the first practical uses of quantum computing in drug development will probably be individual optimization issues. Although potential application cases are most likely still years away, they might involve enhancing medication pricing models or streamlining supply chains for huge clinical studies.

Later on, however, the field of quantum computing has greater ambitions. According to Zinner, quantum computers will be able to test and develop novel pharmaceuticals in silico, or through computer modeling, in 10 to 15 years.

Yet, there are still a lot of technological challenges to overcome before quantum computing’s practical uses match the enormous enthusiasm around the topic. Dr. Leonard Fehring, Zinner’s colleague at Witten/Herdecke University, warns that nothing in healthcare will be powered by quantum computing in a single instant. These improvements require time.

In order for quantum computing to function, “qubits,” which are quantum bits, are used in place of the traditional computing bits. Qubits can exist as a superposition of 0 and 1, unlike bits, which can only store the binary values of 0 or 1. Therefore, qubits can reside simultaneously in many 0s and 1s because to a property of quantum mechanics known as entanglement. According to Robert Penman, an analyst at GlobalData, the parent company of Clinical Trials Arena, quantum computers have the potential to concurrently examine all states or outcomes of an issue. Building a practical quantum computer, however, is a difficult and resource-intensive task.

In particular, Penman notes that it is challenging to maintain a single qubit’s stability for long enough to conduct a calculation. The majority of atoms or ions used in developing quantum computing devices must be cooled to incredibly low temperatures in a laboratory. Scaling quantum computers is also a difficult task because adding more qubits to a system raises the possibility of erroneous signaling, Penman continues.

Yet, Fehring points out that even modest quantum computers might be able to provide value in the near future while large-scale commercial systems are still being developed. The healthcare sector will gradually change over the next five to ten years, he predicts. We will soon witness the usage of quantum computing to solve issues in a few very specialized use cases.

There are three key areas in medication development where quantum computing is most likely to be beneficial. Secondly, according to Zinner, quantum computing might perform better than traditional computer in solving challenging optimization issues. Qubits can be used by quantum computers to simultaneously measure all potential values of a complex function, revealing the maxima and minima linked to the maximum efficiency and lowest cost. According to Fehring, quantum computing could resolve minor optimization issues in fields like clinical staffing models and pharmaceutical supply chains as early as the middle of the 2020s.

Second, according to Fehring, quantum computing might imitate the electrons within a molecule, effectively modeling protein folding and opening the door to the creation of new medications. Chemicals function at the molecular level in accordance with the principles of quantum physics, and they frequently interact with complicated probabilities that are too complex for current supercomputers to handle. Zinner estimates that it will take 10 to 15 years for quantum computers to successfully create and test novel medicinal compounds in silico. He claims that building new molecules from scratch is ultimately just an extremely difficult optimization challenge.

Finally, an application known as quantum computing machine learning could improve the accuracy of present artificial intelligence (AI) approaches, Fehring argues. This involves discovering patterns in electronic health records and medical imaging data, as well as improving the precision of BioGPT-style natural language processing models. Nonetheless, machine learning can be processed using conventional computers, therefore quantum computing is not required to advance this field. Instead, quantum computing, according to Fehring, could help AI systems by assisting in some particular statistical calculations to increase overall processing power.

Above all, quantum computers are best suited to advance the work of sophisticated classical computers, not to replace it. Penman claims that quantum computers are not multipurpose devices. They have the skills necessary to address highly particular problems at a very high level.

The commercial benefits of quantum computing have not yet materialized, but many pharmaceutical companies have started to invest in the new technology with the long term in mind, according to Penman. According to GlobalData’s Patent Analytics Database, there has been a significant growth in quantum computing-related patent filings by pharma businesses and institutions of 70% during the previous ten years. The database of GlobalData aggregates and performs searches on publicly accessible patent filings, restricting the search to businesses 카지노 with a primary focus on the pharmaceutical industry.

The largest pharmaceutical companies that have submitted quantum computing patents are Merck, Roche, Johnson & Johnson, and Amgen, according to the same GlobalData filings data. Thermo Fisher Scientific, the parent company of the contract research organization (CRO) PPD, completes the list of major players.

There is also some doubt that pharmaceutical companies will quickly adopt the new technique once it becomes financially viable, despite the rise in patent activity. Eric Perakslis, chief scientific and digital officer of Duke Clinical Research Institute, observes that historically, the healthcare sector has been sluggish to adopt new technologies. For instance, despite their use in other sectors, few businesses utilized emerging technology like blockchain to address medicine shortages during the Covid-19 outbreak. When new technology are released and the healthcare business doesn’t use them, Perakslis says, “it sometimes leaves me scratching my head.”

The future of medicine discovery may be altered by quantum computing, but the new technology still has significant drawbacks. According to Zinner, many of the fundamental issues with current methods to AI in healthcare, such as worries about patient privacy and data bias, will not be resolved by quantum computing machine learning. A workforce with knowledge in quantum computing as well as areas like computational chemistry or supply chain logistics may also be difficult for many businesses to find, he continues.

Penman observes that traditional AI and machine learning algorithms may likewise pose an increasing threat to quantum computing. Without the aid of quantum computing, Alphabet’s AI program AlphaFold has already made strides in the modeling of protein folding. “Some of the funding for quantum computing will dry up if AI and classical machine learning are providing improvements that we thought were only attainable from quantum computers,” Penman predicts. There’s a chance that we’ll experience a quantum winter.

Future developments in quantum computing will ultimately be difficult to forecast, according to Perakslis. If quantum computing is what brings us to the next plateau, that doesn’t mean we’re done; it just means we’ve taken the next measurable step in science. “I’m a huge believer in the Gartner hype cycle; you make some advances, and then you plateau,” he says.

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The Top 14 Business Simulation Games Of 2023: Economic And Strategic Education

Are you looking for fantastic business strategy games that will help you understand microeconomics and possibly pick up a few business-related skills? You are undoubtedly at the proper place if you do, then. As it mirrors real-world conditions through activities like reading, seeing live demonstrations, practicing, etc., “learning by doing” is a tried-and-true method of gaining priceless knowledge. 

Any strategy game’s ideal objective, which in this case pertains to business, is to improve players’ understanding of numerous business components. The top 15 business simulation games this year are listed here, ranging in difficulty from medium to advanced.

14. Industry Giant II

Platform: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Even though Industry Giant II is marketed as a business simulation game, several essential components, such human resources and finance, are largely absent. It drew influence from various simulations of commercial operations, such Capitalism and Transport Tycoon, as well as simulations of city-building, including Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

In IG2, the player is in charge of producing and distributing the business’s goods against a background of the 20th century. The objective is to maximize operating earnings. There is also a “free game” option where you are not concerned about making money, but you are concerned about how interesting it might become without any financial incentive.

13. Airline Tycoon

Platform: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

One of the earliest business simulation games is called Airline Tycoon. The Deluxe edition of the game was eventually produced for Mac OS X and Linux, whereas the original game was first released in 1988 for Windows. Like all previous tycoon games, the main goal in this one is to amass enormous wealth and become a Tycoon. And the only way to achieve this is by preserving a favorable balance between income and expenses.

12. Transport Tycoon

Platform: PlayStation, iOS, android, MS-DOS

Similar to the previously mentioned Airline Tycoon, Transport Tycoon pits players against rival businesses while trying to maximize profits by moving people and various items by land, sea, and air.

11. Victoria II

Platform: Windows, macOS X

With Victoria II, you can govern one of the 200 playable nations throughout a century-long trip from 1836 to 1936. With a fair amount of complexity in the market system and 50 various sorts of items, the game places a lot of emphasis on the economic side of the narrative. Additionally, it emphasizes internal administration, industrialisation, and sociopolitical developments/aspects in a nation.

10. Port Royale: Gold, Power, and Pirates

Platform: Windows

like how pirates conduct their business? Then we have the perfect game for you. A business simulation game called Port Royal is set mostly in the Caribbean in the 16th and 17th centuries. Players can choose from a variety of in-game activities, including trading with pirates, in this game that combines real-time combat with commercial and economic simulation. Port Royale was a 2013 nominee for “Best Game No One Played” by GameSpot.

9. Theme Hospital

Platform: Windows, PlayStation

You have a hospital to manage instead of a factory or a chain of businesses, and you also need to make money from it. In the unique business simulation game Theme Hospital, you control a hospital that treats patients with fictitious illnesses while while earning a profit.

This game is Theme Park’s successor in many ways—a different Bullfrog productions management simulation game. Two Point Studios stated in January 2018 that they would soon be releasing Two Point Hospital, a spinoff of the Theme Hospital.

8. simCEO

Platform: Browser-based

All you need to do in simCEO is set up your business and join a vibrant stock market where you may control your own portfolio of investments. In the game, there are two types of players: instructors who design the ideal learning environment for the market and students.

Before investing in different companies, you must examine them based on that environment and any announcements. You can participate here either independently or in teams. SimCEO enables exceptional social learning for everyone in both ways, from solutions to business-related difficulties.

7. MobLab

Platform: Browser-based

An ambitious and expanding web business called MobLab offers interactive educational games to both individuals and even academic institutions. MobLab, which was founded by Caltech students, provides examples of simple to complicated theories in disciplines such as business administration, psychology, and economics. You may find videos and games for practically every key idea, from fundamentals like supply and demand to knowledge of the asset market.

6. Railroad Tycoon II

Platform: Windows, PlayStation

The third game in the well-liked Railroad Tycoon series, Railroad Tycoon II, was first made available in the US in 1998. The entire important period in rail transportation history is covered in the game. Your job as the chairman of the railroad firm is to cope with disasters like train breakdowns, robberies, economic downturns, etc. while doubling profits for investor advantages.

A key aspect of the game is how well the player can balance spending and income by selecting the appropriate locomotive for each task because each engine has its own special qualities, such as speed, favored cargo, and the ability to pace through high slopes or mountains.

5. Eve Online

Platform: Windows, macOS

Railroad Tycoon II, the third game in the popular series, became accessible in the US for the first time in 1998. The game covers every significant era in the history of rail transportation. As the chairman of the railroad company, it is your responsibility to manage catastrophes like train failures, robberies, and economic downturns while boosting profits for the benefit of investors.

The player’s ability to manage spending and income by choosing the best locomotive for each duty is a significant feature of the game. Each engine has unique qualities, such as speed, preferred freight, and the ability to pace through steep slopes or mountains.

4. OpenTTD

Platform: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, FreeBSD, Linux

In the open-source, multi-platform business simulation known as OpenTTD, users attempt to build their own transportation empire by controlling and gradually allocating income mostly from fare and cargo transportation. It is heavily influenced by the 1995 Chris Sawyer video game Transport Tycoon Deluxe, or you might say it replicates most of the game’s features.

As previously mentioned, you advance in this game by making money by moving people and products via land, train, water, and even air. Additionally, OpenTTD features customized maps, unique AI, ports, and multilingual support. Players can also play in groups in the game’s LAN and online multiplayer modes.

3. Virtonomics

Platform: Browser-based

Virtonomics is a turn-based, massively multiplayer online simulation game that emphasizes business process and operating principles and places them in a competitive setting. Players are able to declare their own objectives and use shrewd tactics and methods to accomplish those objectives in the absence of predetermined standards for success or failure and an endless game period.

The game’s non-linear gameplay, which prevents players from being limited to a certain number of options throughout, is its major selling point. Each player must 카지노사이트 make risky managerial decisions almost every step of the way as they compete with one another for market share.

2. Capitalism II

Platform: Windows, macOS X

Even though the business world of today is competitive, we still adore it since the rewards are so great. Making just one wise choice could take you to your ideal world. Trevor Chan’s Capitalism II gets close to simulating the real world of corporations and massive organizations, despite the fact that no computer simulation on Earth can match it.

The game, which is a lot like Virtonomics in that it lets you build and run a vast business empire. Every facet of real-world company is included, including production, marketing, buying, importing, and retailing. Playing your cards wisely is all that is required.

1. MIT Sloan Management Simulation Games

Platform: Browser-based

Along with Harvard, Wharton, Chicago Booth, Columbia, Kellogg, and Stanford, the MIT Sloan School of Management is one of the seven ultra-exclusive private schools that provide MBA programs. It has long been a leader in the field of business education, notably in terms of teaching methods. They assist students and participants in learning their way to the top by developing practical applications for the knowledge learned in the classroom.

One such contemporary program, luckily available to everyone for free, is their management simulation games. These games, which are created specifically for students, assist them in learning critical business strategies, practical techniques, and industry standards. However, the games’ primary goal is to give players a taste of management and how executive actions impact the overall economic ecosystem.

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At CES 2023, Google Introduces New Android Auto Features And Other Things

Today marked the official opening of Google’s booth at CES, which showcased some of the advancements made to improve the Android ecosystem’s usability across various devices. The media player, easy switching between Android and ChromeOS, and a fresh version of Android Auto are some of the apps and features that have contributed to this. A seamless listening experience across devices At CES, Google is showcasing how its technology already makes gadgets operate better together as well as how we, as users, can enjoy entertainment in new ways. One example is the expansion of its partnership with Spotify so that we can listen without being interrupted.

With Android 13, Google launched a new media player that allows you to quickly select which Bluetooth or Chromecast-enabled devices to play your content to the lock screen and notification area of your Android phone. Google and Spotify are collaborating closely this year to make it simple for customers to transition between any Spotify Connect device and the Android media player.

You can now take your audio content with you as you go about your day thanks to Google. You can start listening to a podcast in the car, continue on your phone and headphones, and finish on your TV at home by tapping on the notifications that appear on your devices. Your phone or other devices will send you media notifications as you move around and ask you if you want to transfer the audio to a nearby device.

Google and Spotify are collaborating to use these notifications to enable users to experience the streaming material on the best device available. The YouTube Music platform will also offer this notification experience.

Android and Chrome OS were created to work together since they are both adaptive, open systems. With Android’s three-layer technology stack, which recognizes your proximity to other devices and the context of how you use it, this trend is continuing and you will experience a new level of comfort and use.

Google has integrated features like Fast Pair, Nearby Share, Phone Hub, and Chromecast to connect various devices, making moving between them easier and quicker. In addition, Google has built on the rich customisation and AI history of Android to include a variety of specialized capabilities, like seamless audio switching and cross-device copy and paste.

The most recent Chromebooks, such the ASUS Chromebook Vibe CX34 Flip and the HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook, both of which were unveiled at CES, include these and other capabilities.

The best venue to debut the newest Android Auto capabilities is CES, where Google has been working diligently to polish them. Included in this is a fresh Android Auto experience that will be made available to everyone starting today. This experience, which focuses on a design update and functionality enhancements, was first showcased at Google I/O.

The new layout gives priority to communication, music/podcasts, and navigation. You can see your path because Maps is now situated closer to the driver’s seat. The updated media card has a quick launcher for previously used apps and the best album visuals from Material You. All major automakers support Android Auto, so the split-screen configuration looks great on widescreen, portrait, and other screen widths.

With the new appearance, using Google Assistant to do tasks has become simpler. The Assistant now provides immediate access to music and podcasts, easy sharing of arrival times, and missed call reminders. Shortcuts expedite calling favorites and message responses. Google will eventually add a seekable progress indication so you can fast-forward through music and podcasts. Starting with Pixel and Samsung phones, WhatsApp will now also be accessible through Android Audio.

Last but not least, in addition to Pixel and iPhones, Samsung phones will soon support digital auto key sharing. Later this year, Xiaomi users will also be able to use and trade digital car keys. More automakers will begin to support digital car keys, which are already supported by BMW.

This week at CES, Google is showcasing all of these new features and more at Central Plaza-1. If you are at CES, stop by and check it out; if not, keep checking this page for the most recent information.

Release Date for Android 14 in 2023: All the Major New Features! Read on to find out more about the features and upgrades of this new smartphone if you’re interested in the release date of Android 14. This new operating system can be referred to as “Upside Down Cake.” The most recent Android version’s official release date has not yet been announced. “Upside Down Cake” is the code name for the updated version. Given that it looks like a dessert

However, because there are internet users everywhere, it is possible that Android 14 will be released in August 2023. The character is the fourteenth Android created by Dr. Gero, despite the character’s somewhat muddled name. Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13 was the first anime series to feature the character. The character looks very much like a Native American despite his name. The android is big and strong, and he’s got a green man’s skirt on. He also had on a pair of black boots with yellow accents. He appears to be an android since his eyes are brown rather than blue. Despite being an android, he doesn’t show any emotion; instead, he just stares at you with an icy gaze.

Among the other new features in Android 14, the Pixel Launcher’s search bar is anticipated to undergo significant alteration. Users can now choose to hide incompatible apps thanks to Google’s addition of toggles for web suggestions and search results. The correction for a significant bug with the vivid color category is another significant modification to the Material You theme. This version of Android should rank among the finest releases thanks to these and other changes. Additionally, it will probably be published this summer.

Even though Android 14 isn’t yet available, some improvements are coming. A new interface that makes it simpler to find updates is introduced in this edition. The Android Market has been simplified by Google to make it simpler to download and set up applications. Additionally, it now supports MIDI 2.0, enabling USB connections for MIDI gear. With the help of per-note controllers, this new standard improves expressive performance, non-Western intonation support, and controller resolution.

Google has a history of exposing code names in amusing ways, even though the code name for the upcoming version of Android may not be as intriguing as past ones. Previous iterations of Android have been given sweet names. Quince was the name of Android 10 while Red Velvet Cake was given to Android 11. Later, Snow Cone was given to Android 12. Finally, Tiramisu was given to Android 13. The official name of Android 14 won’t be revealed for a little while, but you’ll be the first to know and see the newest facts.

The next iteration of the well-known operating system, Android 14, will cost $250, according to a Google announcement. The Google Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a 5G, and Pixel 4XL are the first devices that will support this updated version of Android. The new operating system is appropriately named Upside Down Cake because it will be served that way.

Previous Google Android iterations have been given sweet names. Quince is the nickname for Android 10 whereas Red Velvet Cake is used for Android 11. The code names have been discovered to be desserts, even though Google may have run out of options. Red Velvet Cake, Snow Cone, and Tiramisu are the names of Android versions 11 through 13.

One of the most cutting-edge concepts that many firms have recently adopted is IoT. IoT makes it possible for various devices to share data continuously with a central gateway over the internet. IoT is therefore employed in businesses with a higher machine density to lower costs and increase productivity. The need for an IoT app has grown as more individuals are gradually coming around to the idea. IoT users may essentially use their smartphones to control any device in their houses. For instance, if you are leaving the office and want your room to be cool when you get there, you may turn ON the AC from your phone.

Machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, speeds up app creation while lowering human error. Mobile apps can become smarter with the aid of AI-powered solutions, which also improve user efficiency and satisfaction. It uses patterns to forecast results in order to create more tailored experiences, automate time-consuming operations, manage various metrics, enhance customer relations, and other things.

Blockchain technology has the power to radically change the course of history. It is a cutting-edge technology with several benefits, such as transparency, speed, and privacy. As a result, blockchain technology is used by many Android applications. One of them is developing decentralized applications. To execute transactions for data storage and other uses, these applications employ blockchains like Ethereum and others.

As people become increasingly concerned with their privacy, blockchain technology will certainly be used more frequently in the next years. The blockchain technology market is expected to grow to $52.5 billion by 2026. Blockchain technology is utilized in industries like 카지노사이트 finance, payments, and even healthcare, where it’s crucial to guard against data theft.

Finally, it’s a pretty cool and well-liked notion to hire an Android developer to create an Android app based on the aforementioned trends and technology. By developing an IoT application, you can progress in the competition.

Working with a brilliant pool of professionals who have expertise will help you gain an advantage over the competition, therefore it’s a pretty cool and well-liked idea. However, it is clear that as 2023 approaches, the environment for creating Android apps will alter. We believe that the trends we have discovered for Android applications in this article will become even more obvious as developers strive to create innovative and approachable apps that fulfill the constantly altering demands of the mobile business.

The greatest web applications are created by Elluminati, the top mobile app development business, so you can start your digital transformation path without being concerned about technology.

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AI As A Future Or A New Reality For Software Developers?

Instead of competing with humans, AI developers may try to use algorithms to augment programmers’ work and make them more productive: in the context of software development, we clearly see AI performing human tasks as well as augmenting programmers’ work.

According to our research, programmers spend 35% of their time understanding code, 5% of their time writing code, 10% on other coding-related activities, and 50% on other non-coding activities — even with advanced computers, we don’t expect such tools to redefine the profession of a programmer anytime soon.

AI can assist programmers in performing small tasks more efficiently: AI can help to complete the code, teach the user how to use new features, and search in the code and beyond.

Unavailability of training data, resource requirements, and the interface between the AI and the user are all barriers to perfect AI.

Companies working on software development tools are rapidly developing the ability to productize AI-powered solutions for small tasks, so we expect to see more of these solutions in the near future.

People are increasingly exposed to AI in their personal and professional lives. JetBrains creates tools for programmers, and we believe the software development industry is no exception to this trend.

People employ AI in two ways:

  1. Replace humans by completely automating some of their tasks.
  2. Enhance humans while keeping them as the central figure in the process.

Algorithms already write code, but human developers don’t have to worry about being replaced. Surprisingly, this is not because it is impossible to teach computers programming skills, but because it is impractical. Three major factors are impeding AI progress:

  • There is a scarcity of training data.
  • Computing power is limited.
  • The interface between algorithms and people is complex.

Many mundane tasks, such as code completion, code search, and bug detection, are now powered by machine learning to augment the work of human programmers.

How Do People See AI?

When most people hear the term “AI,” they envision a computer replacing a human, performing the same task but better in some way: faster, cheaper, with higher quality, or all of the above. Playing chess or Go, writing poetry, and driving a car are examples of such tasks.

Some people are excited about the prospect of computers freeing them from routine tasks, while others are skeptical. The latter may argue that machines are still far from matching what humans are capable of.

“How are you going to teach a computer to do this?” questions frequently imply that you won’t be able to. Here are a few examples of previous similar questions:
In Go, the number of reasonable moves exceeds the computational resources available.

How do you intend to replace human intuition? According to this 1997 article, experts estimated it would take a hundred years.

How do you train a self-driving car to recognize a puddle and slow down? Because computers can already play Go and drive cars, these questions have become obsolete. This gives us reason to believe that unanswered questions of this nature will be addressed in the future. Whatever field we choose, computers are getting closer to matching human abilities.

However, replacing a human being is not always practical. Instead of competing with humans, AI-based technology developers may opt for a different product strategy, attempting to use algorithms to augment programmers’ work and make them more productive.

In the context of software development, we clearly see AI performing human tasks as well as augmenting programmers’ work.

Replacing the Human Programmer 

The announcement of GitHub Copilot powered by OpenAI reignited debate over when and if computers will replace human programmers. Skeptics who believed that replacing humans was impossible always asked: How do you explain to the machine what your program should do?

The answer is straightforward. You define what you want in natural language, give the function a name, and, optionally, write a few lines to get it started. The rest is then filled in by Copilot, much like a real programmer would.

Some people are impressed by Copilot’s intelligence. Others have noted the flaws in its work and believe they are significant enough to suggest that human programmers will be required for the foreseeable future. Another group of reviewers notices the same flaws but concludes that Copilot is a terrible and dangerous tool that should not be touched with a barge pole.

What is the main flaw they highlight? Copilot programs are frequently verbose and difficult to read.

R. Minelli, A. Mochi, and M. Lanza estimate that programmers spend roughly 70% of their coding-related time understanding the code, while writing accounts for only about 5%.

Important Takeaways

Instead of competing with humans, AI developers may try to use algorithms to augment programmers’ work and make them more productive: in the context of software development, we clearly see AI performing human tasks as well as augmenting programmers’ work.

According to our research, programmers spend 35% of their time understanding code, 5% writing code, 10% on other coding-related activities, and 50% 카지노 on non-coding activities — even with advanced computers, we don’t expect such tools to redefine the programming profession.

Unavailability of training data, resource requirements, and the interface between the AI and the user are all barriers to perfect AI. Companies working on software development tools are rapidly developing the ability to productize AI-powered solutions for small tasks, so we expect to see more of these solutions in the near future.

Verbose and unclear machine-generated programs could make the already difficult “understanding” part even more difficult. The cognitive load on the human side of the tandem remains: the programmer must still comprehend what the algorithm writes. How long can humans keep up with the computer’s pace? Small tasks may be sped up by having AI write code, but large projects may not be.

Consider revision control, which was implemented in the 1970s. The ability to track and undo changes greatly expanded the boundaries of what people could comprehend. It enabled large groups of programmers to collaborate, allowing for the development of more complex systems. That was game changer for the entire industry.

Copilot is an excellent research result that demonstrates AI’s potential. It accomplishes what many thought was impossible. Nonetheless, we do not anticipate such tools.

When you start typing a search query in Google, it takes the characters you’re typing and begins to suggest full query options. Source code editors offer very similar functionality to programmers.

The first code completion versions appeared in the XX century and calculated the frequencies of the words in the project. They displayed the most frequently occurring words that began with the characters entered by the user. A frequency-based approach like this worked well enough to boost productivity. People improved the algorithm over time by adding heuristics on top of the frequency idea, but the desire to provide the exact word the user desired drove us to use machine learning to sort the suggestions.

The amount of information available to us to determine the best suggestion is so vast that it is impossible to create a deterministic algorithm that takes it all into account. We’d have to deal with far too many exceptional cases.

For example, consider the following general rules. The closer the token is defined to the location where the programmer is currently editing, the more likely it is. Furthermore, the standard language libraries can be sorted by popularity, and tokens from the least popular libraries can be deprioritized. All of this being said, imagine you’re working on a Java source code editor (which is exactly what we do at JetBrains) and you start typing “Co”. Which of the two suggestions below do you prefer?

On the one hand, red-black trees are used in the editor. On the other hand, the java.awt package is rarely used in industry. However, when we say “Color,” we most likely mean java.awt.

We have over a hundred factors that influence the ordering of suggestions. Is the suggestion a user-defined symbol, a standard language library, or an imported third-party library? Is the suggestion to be inserted at the beginning or in the middle of a line? Is there a dot in front of this location? How many hours per day does the user work on average? Do they have the suggestion definition open in a different editor tab right now?

A source code editor is a difficult piece of software to use. There are hundreds of operations that can be used to increase productivity. Unfortunately, programmers cannot possibly know them all.

We can promote certain functionality by displaying tips on startup, but remembering these tips when it comes time to use them may be difficult. Most programmers have a set of fifty favorite commands. We must present a user with two or three actions that will be especially beneficial to them based on their work patterns and habits when using intelligent tips.

These personalized recommendations can be generated using AI. For example, if the user frequently performs cut/paste operations within the same screen, we may want to inform them about the code move operation:
The simplest method for accomplishing this is known as “collaborative filtering.” It is used in modern music, video, book, and product recommendation systems. There are two fundamental steps:

  1. Find the users “similar” to the given one.
  2. Find what these users do that the given user doesn’t do yet and base our recommendation on that difference.

Finding similar users for content recommendations is fairly simple: if our target person likes the same ten movies as a group of other people, but hasn’t seen one more that everyone in this group likes, it’s a pretty safe bet. The only caveat is to avoid overly popular films that almost everyone praises. Likes for “The Godfather” or “Forrest Gump” don’t reveal much about the user’s tastes.

It’s a little more difficult with the source editor features. Because there are no features of the same genre or cast, we must examine smaller behavioral patterns. How long does the user spend debugging? How frequently do they modify existing code? How quickly can they type? Do they write tests before or after coding, if at all? Taking these factors into account will determine user similarity and recommend tools that will be useful given the known behavior patterns.

Exploring the Code and Beyond

Many software products, from web search engines to online stores, include search functionality. This functionality is also available in source code editors: developers frequently need to find something in their code, documentation, and tool configuration options. These are two very different types of information, and software development tools usually look for them in separate places.

We intend to provide a single search function within the source code editor that can be used to find any of the above domains while accounting for synonyms and typos. Because so many people work on search algorithms, one would think that a standard reusable solution would exist, but each domain has unique details that necessitate the development of the search functionality separately.

When different item types with similar names are available in the project, complications arise. If a user types “format” into the search box while their project contains a file named, are they looking for that file, standard formatting library functions, or IDE functionality to reformat their project’s code?

Machine learning works by combining search results from various sources and weighing them against one another. Text matching, the user’s search history and previous preferences (for example, do they ever click on the file search results? ), the content of the user’s project, and what the user was editing immediately before issuing the search query are all factors influencing the decision. Writing a deterministic algorithm that takes all of these factors into account does not appear feasible, whereas machine learning methods extract patterns automatically.

The Cost Of Introducing AI

The sum of all minor AI-powered improvements in user productivity can result in a significant overall increase. It does, however, come at a cost. AI-based systems work well in most cases, but there are some situations where they can provide weird results. Providing such results to the users costs us some of their trust. Each time we replace strict rules with an AI-powered decision-making system, we have to decide whether to make a tradeoff. We can improve our average decision quality, but we may lose some user trust in the process. It would be ideal to design flawless systems in which trust is not lost due to poor suggestions, but there are several obstacles.

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An Interesting Computer Fact That Many People Do Not Know

The Babbage Difference Engine was the first computer built in 1822 and weighed over 700 kilograms. The computer used vacuum tubes and rotating machines with small capacitors to solve 29 different problems and variables. It was in 1942 that the modern digital computer was built. Unlike Babbage’s Difference Engine, modern computers have stored programs and perform several tasks simultaneously. Advances in technology have made computers smaller and more efficient. However, many people think of these computing devices as just another common technology product. But the truth is that computers offer more than logging in and watching movies, browsing the Internet, creating documents and creating activities. That said, here are some interesting facts about computers that you may not know about.

Press the Shift Key Five Times to Activate the Sticky Key

The Shift key is a modifier key found on a variety of keyboards and layouts that allows users to type an uppercase letter or enter a higher number. For example, you can hold down the SHIFT key and press A on the keyboard to create an uppercase letter A. Similarly, pressing and holding the SHIFT key and typing the number 1 on a US keyboard results in an exclamation mark (!). Usually, this is the key used to change the keyboard function. However, pressing the SHIFT key five times activates other functions, which are other modifier keys such as the Ctrl, Function, Windows and Alt keys. These are called sticky keys, which also help the SHIFT key to remain active, and you can change symbols or type letters without holding down the key. Many people accidentally or intentionally flip the sticky key by pressing SHIFT five times.

In general, the StickyKeys feature is considered an accessibility service designed for computer users with physical disabilities or those who cannot press multiple keys at the same time. These keys also allow users to press and release any modified key, and hold it until another key is pressed. Since starting sticky keys involves pressing the SHIFT key five times, disabling it requires the user to press three or more keys (Alt, Ctrl, Windows) at the same time.

Users can use Ease of Access Center to enable or disable the Sticky Keys keyboard shortcut.

There is a Recovery Mode in the Boot Window

Like any other electronic device, a computer’s operating system can have problems and not run properly. The Windows operating system includes an advanced boot option that allows the computer to enter recovery mode. This allows you to fix the problem internally before calling a technician to fix the problem. For example, users can use the system recovery option to restore their system to an earlier version, such as Windows 10 and Windows 8, without logging into the computer.

Computers in recovery mode also allow users to repair selected programs or files or perform diagnostic tests to identify errors that prevent certain functions. Since Windows comes in different versions, system recovery options vary and may include different options. Computer boot recovery mode also has a better mode where users can choose how to boot their computer. Users can run recovery mode on Windows machines by long pressing F2 and pressing ENTER 10 times. This causes a backflip and the computer enters recovery mode, where the user can choose to restore previous windows, repair the system, or restore lost data if the computer crashes.

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You Can Sign in Without a Password

Typically, the most popular security feature of any computing device is a strong password made up of a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. This ensures that users and those who know the password are the only ones who can log into the system. But if you have a password protected computer, you can log in as a user. However, this login option restricts access to certain privileges and permissions, preventing users from accessing files and system settings. Logging in as a user requires the user to first create a new account, as the computer already has an existing administrator account. This is a good thing if different people use the computer at different times.

Each user will have an individual account, with files created for each user from a single computer that is stored and managed. Each account also has preferences, settings and files that other user accounts cannot access. When users start the computer, all user accounts are displayed on the start screen and they select their preferred account. If users do not have an administrator account password, they can use the computer to browse, share content, create files, and watch movies just like a standard computer. However, they are not allowed to access specific files that can only be accessed by the master account.

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Other Interesting Computer Facts You Didn’t Know

  1. The password for the US nuclear missile control computer is 000000000.
  2. The first mouse was made of wood in 1964. Google consumes power for approximately 200,000 homes per year.
  3. “Bug” is a computer term derived from moth. Internet users blink an average of 7 times per minute, while people blink 20 times per minute.
  4. Passwords, 12345 and 123456 are the most used passwords in the world. More than 5,000 computer viruses are released every month.
  5. Bill Gates’ house was built with Mac computers, Macintosh computers. More than 90% of the world’s money is in computers.
  6. The first electronic computer system, ENIAC, weighed over 27 tons and took up about 1,800 square feet. TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be typed on a single line using a keyboard key.
  7. The original 1GB hard drive weighed about 550 kilograms. Windows was originally called Interface Manager.
  8. The 4004 was the first computer microprocessor made by Intel.


Computers may look like any other computer system, but they contain a lot of information that most people don’t know. Since most people focus on technological changes and changes, few people pay attention to the facts about computers. The above is a computer fact that allows you to start learning about computers that many people do not know 에볼루션게이밍.

At Technology 365, we have a better understanding of computer systems, including hundreds of computer facts that most people don’t know. Therefore, we can solve any computer or computer problem in your company. To learn more about computers or if you need help fixing your computer or solving any computer problem in your business, contact us today!

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Websites Where You Can Play Flash Games

Do you remember the old school flash game websites that you used to play your favorite games for hours on end?

Fun times, right? Online games are one of the most reviewed and appreciated software. Sure, you might have the most amazing game controls and the best graphics right now, but I still prefer simple online flash games. Open the browser, that’s it! It has its own vibe.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy playing Counter-Strike or the need for speed or call of duty, but online flash games are important. I have listed the best flash game websites that offer free online games in this article.

Since Flash support was removed from modern browsers in 2020, many old gaming websites are trying to protect their reputation by converting them to HTML5 versions or using emulators like Ruffle. Or provide a way for them to use other software like SuperNova.

We will look at all the websites one by one and find out which sites have taken the lead in this list of the best websites where you can play flash games safely. Let’s go!


Kongregate is another great option on our list of the best flash game sites that offers a collection of over 128,000 games that you can play online for free.

Kongregate uses the SuperNova SWF activator to allow players to continue accessing their flash content. It also offers different badges to achieve good scores in many games. You can share your score on Facebook and show your badge to your friends. Swords and Souls, Zombotron, and Learn to Fly 2 are some of the popular game titles on the site.

Founded in 2006, Kongregate is the leading free-to-play mobile game with over 250 million games across iOS and Android. Developers can host their games on Kongregate as it provides an open platform for all types of web games. It also offers a publishing program that allows game developers to reach millions of users across multiple platforms. Popular games: Mutilate-a-Doll 2, Realm Grinder, Learn to Fly 2, Kingdom Rush

Addicting Games

Home to some viral and addictive games like Helicopter, Kitten Cannon, Tanks, and Stunt Dirt Bike, Addictive Games is another top flash game site with a lot to offer. Founded in 2002, it was one of the first online gaming portals and brought important titles to the online browser gaming space.

The addictive games website has a library of over 4000 games and continues to add new games every week. Additionally, they have ported and released their most popular flash games in HTML5. Recently, the Ruffle emulator is used to support all their games in your browser, saving the old time and erasing. All games and addictive games are free and ad supported 카지노사이트. However, you have the option to skip ads for free with a Game Pass that costs $2.50/month (paid annually or $3.50 paid monthly). Also, up to five family members and friends can use their premium accounts and give you access to upcoming games.

Armor Games

Armor Games (formerly known as Games of Gondor) is another Flash website founded by Daniel McNeely in 2007 in California. The site offers games in different genres like puzzle, shooting, strategy, racing, etc. The company became famous with Lord of the Rings games such as Hob the Hobbit, Battle for Gondor and Orc Slayer. Armor Games has more than 3700 games in its flash game category.

Unfortunately, not all of them work now (after the death of Flash) because the game needs to be compatible with modern browsers. In terms of general layout and game design, I found Armor’s website easy to navigate and review games in different genres.

New Grounds

Newgrounds is an American website founded by Tom Fulp in 1996. The website is the oldest Flash Portal website and has a local user rating system. This website offers many games in different genres like action, puzzle, casino, travel and many more. In addition to this, the website provides visitors with many movies and audio tracks. is another great website that offers good flash games. Different games are provided for free and cover different genres like sports, adventure, action, puzzle, multiplayer, etc. The website is in Indonesian, but you can always translate it using Google Translate.


Nitrome is another decent flash game site with 160 game titles available. Twenty-three of them have already been converted to HTML5; Others are also being built.

Using the SuperNova chrome extension, you can access Nitrome’s entire catalog of more than 130 flash games that have not been modified in HTML-enhanced versions. This game is designed for different versions of Flash and HTML5 so you will need to install the SuperNova plugin.

Nitrome’s website looks a bit sketchy; Do not rely solely on the appearance of the site. The games are good and they work well. The Nitrome team plans to improve the look and feel of their website in development.

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Flash site of BlueMaxima

BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint project is dedicated to preserving the history and culture of the Internet, and Flash is definitely a candidate.

As you know, Adobe announced the end of Flash in 2017, and browsers are about to retire Flash support for other advanced technologies (such as HTML5). Meaning: Loss of flash games and other flash-based media content.

Ben Latimore, an Australian, came to the rescue and founded Flashpoint, with the aim of organizing flash content as much as possible. Flashpoint is a community-driven project that has successfully documented more than 100,000 web games and 10,000 shows running on Flash with the help of more than 100 sponsors and supporters.

FAQ on flash game sites

Here are the most frequently asked questions by our readers about the best flash game sites.

Can I play flash games online in 2022?

Adobe Flash changed the Internet in its time (1996-2020). But, weaknesses and security problems and advances in technology made others better and finally Adobe announced the end of its driver support in 2017. Therefore, at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, all browsers known ama stopped supporting the flash player, and in it. In other words, any media is powered by flash technology. Although Flash is officially dead, browsers are being made to use HTML5 and the ever-growing Ruffle emulator.

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For any flash game you want to play online that hasn’t been converted to HTML5 or updated for Ruffle emulator support, you can install the SuperNova extension on your Google Chrome browser. Unfortunately, it is only for Windows at the moment, and the Mac version is in the works).

I installed the SuperNova add-on but I can’t load the game? Try clearing your browser cache and reload the page. If it still doesn’t work, try your browser’s incognito mode or restart the browser once.

How will flash games still play if flash is dead?

If Flash is dead because of a security flaw, how can you play the game? Popular flash games are converted to HTML5 format that runs the same code from the original flash game file (like an emulator). As an added benefit, you can also play these HTML5 versions in your mobile browser. On the other hand, some websites like Addicing Games and Armor Games have chosen to support Ruffle emulator which removes the dependency on SWF player for running content through the browser. So light games work as your browser always supports them – thanks to the magic of the Ruffle emulator!

What is a great flash game site? Based on the number of games and types of games supported by these websites and their contribution to the life of flash games, Miniclip, Addicted Games, Kongregate and Armor Games are the most popular.

Are Flash Games Dead?

The Flash is dead; Flash games are not! Thanks to developers who worked hard to convert their popular flash games to HTML5 and tools like the Ruffle emulator, Flash games are still alive and available on the top flash websites listed here.

What is SuperNova Reader?

Supernova Player allows you to play .swf files (flash files) in a static window on your PC. It will allow players to play their favorite SWF game content. Currently, there are no standalone players for Mac; according to the Supernova website, it is working and coming soon – don’t know when.

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RAVE PC Presents Distributed White Papers

RAVE PC Presents Distributed White Papers, Grandstands Creative Research and development Innovation at I/ITSEC, World’s Biggest Displaying, Reenactment and Preparing Occasion

a forerunner in the improvement of direction fabricated PC arrangements, today shared fruitful advancement excursion of innovative work brought about two whitepaper introductions during I/ITSEC, the world’s biggest displaying, recreation and preparing occasion in Orlando, FL Nov 28 – Dec 1, 2022. In a joint effort with their whitepaper introductions, RAVE exhibited innovation developments highlighted in each whitepaper for live client show and collaboration at their Stall 2200 during the meeting.

RAVE was regarded to have two papers acknowledged for distribution and show to the I/ITSEC people group. Our group has worked determinedly this year to use best in class innovation that upholds creative, certifiable arrangements that upset and challenge conventional techniques utilized for preparing and reproduction.

Deciphering the innovation from whitepaper to live client experience at I/ITSEC embodies the trustworthiness and assurance of our group to give enhanced, carefully designed process arrangements. I’m amped up for what’s in store and the developments to come,” said Stacey Ferguson, President, RAVE PC. “We’ve proactively been drawn closer with conceivable use cases and future examination that will keep on pushing the business ahead.”


Lessening Picture Generator Impression with Virtualization – Creators: Matt Moy (introducing) and Devin Fowler. Today’s high-devotion preparing frameworks can’t be effectively sent at the mark of need because of the size, weight, and force of the gear that is required. Another methodology is important to lessen the impression of these process assets. RAVE effectively decreased the impression of their picture generator (IG) frameworks by half utilizing virtualization, which required defeating difficulties connecting with delivering execution, equipment support, client insight, and organization idleness to guarantee a similar nature of conveyance with virtualization.

The paper illustrated a way to deal with upgrade virtual machines for constant delivering and give a testing philosophy to check that they can give similar experience as their actual partners. During I/ITSEC, clients had the option to take part in a similar testing strategy utilized in the whitepaper without knowing whether they were taking an interest on the virtual or actual picture generator. By far most of clients couldn’t accurately recognize which framework controlled their demo.

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Equipment Streamlining for Vivid Reproduction and Photogrammetric Climate Age – Creators: Jonathan Hawes (introducing) and Karl Rosenberger. Non military personnel and Branch of Safeguard (DoD) associations are utilizing vivid reproduction to carry the uttermost scopes of globe to the bleeding edges in preparing and readiness. This work to expand preparing, and accordingly the abilities that accompany it, conjures hardships when utilized in the field because of the size, weight, and power (Trade) expected to quickly recreate photogrammetric conditions at the loyalties required for fighters or regular citizens to go with genuine choices.

Edge handling, similar to that finished as a feature of a versatile activities place, commonly ignores reason constructed arrangements for a more extensive stage that might work satisfactorily on an expansive range yet succeeds at no one undertaking. With examination and streamlining in the equipment setup utilized during handling, RAVE essentially diminished handling time while likewise diminishing the Trade utilization of the framework.

The outcome is a Tower/4U (T4U) framework utilized straightforwardly with the client for preparing and functional use. The paper illustrated issues, equipment and programming handling benchmarks, and information collection into another framework topology which offers server-level remaking speeds in a workstation structure factor. During I/ITSEC, the two frameworks were in plain view with a screen contrasting handling information designs. Clients had the option to wear a HMD and essentially experience this present reality situation information that was handled in a small portion of the hour of customary strategies. This exhibit showed the crucial framework execution and its expected implantation into the One World Territory biological system.

USE CASES – On the principal day of I/ITSEC, RAVE facilitated Legislators Jack Berman (MI) and Darren Soto (FL) for individual exhibits of whitepaper advancements. Senator Berman communicated interest in photogrammetry innovation as it connects with One World Territory and Michigan’s ongoing contribution with Lower Earth Circle (LEO).

RAVE’s innovation has relevance to LEO as well concerning Florida’s Osceola Province NeoCity Computerized Twin award project, to which RAVE is respected to be a teaming up collaborate with the College of Focal Florida’s School of Displaying, Recreation, and Preparing.

Extra Innovation – RAVE displayed its elite and custom-planned 2U and 4U frame which are planned and implicit the USA to satisfy the rising need of TAA consistent frameworks. In their RenderBEAST Zone, RAVE highlighted their branded item, the RenderBEAST™ consolidates the freshest and best from NVIDIA and Intel with enhanced, murmur calm register adequately strong to drive the most GPU and computer processor escalated encounters. The RenderBEAST is a Varjo-prepared PC sufficiently strong to catch the detail highlighted in Varjo’s new XR-3 Central Release 국내 1등 온라인 바카라사이트 주소.

Likewise in the RenderBEAST Zone, RAVE coordinated a 3 DOF F-35 contender cockpit with kneeboard graciousness of Claw Recreations and controlled by RAVE’s RenderBEAST. RAVE’s RenderBEAST and other reason fabricated process arrangements were highlighted in north of 25 demo regions on the I/ITSEC Display Corridor.


The Interservice/Industry Preparing, Recreation and Schooling Gathering (I/ITSEC) is the world’s biggest displaying, reenactment and preparing occasion. Held close to the start of December in Orlando, Florida, USA, I/ITSEC comprises of companion surveyed paper introductions, tutorials, exceptional occasions, proficient studios, a business display lobby, a serious games rivalry, and STEM occasions for educators and optional understudies. I/ITSEC is coordinated and supported by the Public Preparation and Recreation Affiliation (NTSA), which advances global and interdisciplinary participation inside the fields of demonstrating and reproduction (M&S), preparing, schooling, examination, and related disciplines at this yearly gathering. The NTSA is a member auxiliary of the Public Protection Modern Affiliation (NDIA). Subsequently, I/ITSEC additionally underscores subjects connected with protection and security. This year, I/ITSEC revealed north of 17,500 visitors strolled the show lobbies. All I/ITSEC papers, tutorials, meeting accounts, and procedures are accessible web-based


For over 30 years, RAVE PC has spent significant time in PC reconciliation, with experience in execution tuning and adjustments of frameworks to meet the conditions in which they’ll work. RAVE PC’s profound associations with innovation OEMs give them early admittance to the most state of the art innovation parts. They influence this mastery to convey a novel consultative encounter for their clients. RAVE PC is a confided in consultant to government organizations and worldwide brands, assisting with molding necessities toward the front to save expenses and issues over the whole arrangement life cycle.

They support customers with item determination, life-cycle the executives, choices about execution, size, weight, power, acoustics, thermals, Bunks ruggedization, and more. Whether customers require an off-the-rack item, or custom-designed arrangement, RAVE PC investigates the particular goals and difficulties for clients to recognize the best equilibrium registering arrangement.

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Cisco VPN Goes “Passwordless” to Save Time and Increase Security

Saving 30 seconds doesn’t seem like much until you think about how many 30 seconds each day, multiply by week, month, and year. In an industry, seconds saved can represent hundreds of thousands of hours saved every year. We know this to be true because we are one of those companies.

More than 80,000 Cisco users and half of the contractors check every day to get a VPN. With an average connection time of 30 seconds, the time savings can be significant. This translates into nearly half a million hours saved each year, just by eliminating the time required to screen users for VPN access. Cisco IT’s Zero Market customers test and improve the Cisco products our users use, both to protect our business and to maintain a smooth and seamless user experience.

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So when we received feedback from our colleagues about how long it took to connect to our VPN as a result of testing, we knew it was time to improve the user experience. Imagine this situation (it may not be difficult and it is easy to understand): You are sharing your screen with a client in a Webex meeting. You need to restore the show stored on the network, but suddenly find that you are not connected to the VPN. You struggle to communicate while trying to remember the password you changed because of the company’s password change policy. You’ve somehow managed to remember that you’ve put an uneditable long string of characters in your post-it note. Now you put it in and wait to do the multi-factor analysis.

What if you were connected to the VPN automatically without checking a box or entering a password? Add a password-free VPN app!

Passwordless VPN authentication comes from a certificate and is delivered through Cisco’s Device Management Suite, which is only available to Cisco users 카지노사이트 주소. Once your device is registered and a VPN session is started, your certificate automatically validates your credentials (for Windows and Mac users) and grants access to your network without having to do anything. Once you’re successfully connected, a final multi-factor check ensures that your device is properly managed before allowing network access.

With passwordless VPN authentication, Cisco IT enables a better user experience while improving security through phishing-resistant scanning. In August 2022, Cisco IT began introducing certificate-based authentication in addition to its legacy SSO solution. Since then, approximately 53,000 unique users have accepted certification-based credentials – a number that Cisco IT expects to grow as more users migrate to this cloud-based solution. With one click to connect, huge time savings, and a more secure experience, passwordless VPN is a no-brainer for Cisco users.

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Now imagine what you can do with those extra minutes! Stay tuned for more security updates in the coming months.

Cisco SD-WAN Fabric is the new SecOps best friend

The Cisco SD-WAN fabric, with all its rich security features, allows the combination of two ways to protect the branch office in one box solution. From a management perspective, Cisco vManage Controller enables a seamless and unified experience for the network and security aspects of the SD-WAN fabric. However, what security professionals need to manage threats and risks in the enterprise is changing as applications and users become more distributed 안전한카지노사이트. To adapt to these changes, the Cisco SD-WAN secure fabric is being upgraded in many ways to meet the operational requirements of the SecOps user. SD-WAN dashboard configured as SecOps

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The recent Cisco SD-WAN innovation allows network operators to perform WAN operations of the security fabric while security operators manage security operations. In addition to NetOps features, new SecOps features are available in Cisco vManage Controller. By logging into the manager, SecOps provides security-focused dashboards and management capabilities so that the security manager can quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of network security health. With a management console, the SecOps person will be able to create and integrate security policies at sites and VPNs in the SD-WAN fabric. SecOps practices will also be able to view SD-WAN performance metrics, but will not be able to create SD-WAN policies and management plans.

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Further Developing Artificial Intelligence Preparing for Edge Sensor Time Series

Engineers at the Tokyo Establishment of Innovation (Tokyo Tech) have shown a straightforward computational methodology for further developing the way man-made consciousness classifiers, like brain organizations, can be prepared in view of restricted measures of sensor information. The arising uses of the Web of Things frequently require edge gadgets that can dependably arrange ways of behaving and circumstances in view of time series.

In any case, preparing information are troublesome and costly to obtain. The proposed approach vows to significantly expand the nature of classifier preparing, at basically no additional expense.

As of late, the possibility of having gigantic quantities of Web of Things (IoT) sensors unobtrusively and constantly checking innumerable parts of human, normal, and machine exercises has made progress. As our general public turns out to be increasingly more eager for information, researchers, architects, and tacticians progressively trust that the extra knowledge which we can get from this unavoidable observing will work on the quality and effectiveness of numerous creation processes, likewise bringing about superior maintainability.

The world wherein we live is extraordinarily complicated, and this intricacy is reflected in a tremendous huge number of factors that IoT sensors might be intended to screen. Some are regular, like how much daylight, dampness, or the development of a creature, while others are counterfeit, for instance, the quantity of vehicles passing through an intersection or the strain applied to a suspended design like an extension.

What these factors all share practically speaking is that they advance over the long run, making what is known as time series, and that significant data is supposed to be contained in their tenacious changes. Generally speaking, specialists are keen on characterizing a bunch of foreordained conditions or circumstances in light of these worldly changes, as an approach to decreasing how much information and making it more clear.

For example, estimating how regularly a specific condition or circumstance emerges is many times taken as the reason for distinguishing and understanding the beginning of breakdowns, contamination increments, etc.

A few kinds of sensors measure factors that in themselves change gradually over the long run, like dampness. In such cases, it is feasible to send every individual perusing a remote organization to a cloud server, where the examination of a lot of collected information happens. In any case, an ever increasing number of uses require estimating factors that change rather rapidly, for example, the speed increases following the way of behaving of a creature or the day to day action of an individual.

Since numerous readings each second are frequently required, it becomes unfeasible or difficult to send the crude information remotely, because of constraints of accessible energy, information charges, and, in far off areas, transmission capacity. To avoid this issue, designs all around the world have for some time been searching for smart and proficient ways of pulling parts of information investigation away from the cloud and into the sensor hubs themselves.

This is many times called edge man-made reasoning, or edge simulated intelligence. Overall terms, the thought is to send remotely not the crude accounts, but rather the consequences of a grouping calculation looking for specific circumstances or circumstances of premium, bringing about a significantly more restricted measure of information from every hub.

There are, nonetheless, many difficulties to confront. Some are physical and come from the need to fit a decent classifier in what is normally a fairly restricted measure of room and weight, and frequently making it run on a tiny measure of force with the goal that long battery duration can be accomplished.

“Great designing answers for these necessities are arising consistently, however the genuine test keeping down some true arrangements is really another. Grouping precision is many times simply not sufficient, and society requires solid solutions to begin confiding in an innovation,” says Dr. Hiroyuki Ito, top of the Nano Detecting Unit where the review was led.

“Numerous excellent utilizations of man-made brainpower, for example, self-driving vehicles have shown that how great or poor a fake classifier is, relies intensely upon the nature of the information used to prepare it. Yet, generally, sensor time series information are truly requesting and costly to procure in the field. For instance, taking into account steers conduct checking, to gain it engineers need to invest energy at ranches, instrumenting individual 온라인카지노 cows and having specialists persistently clarify their conduct in light of video film,” adds co-creator Dr. Korkut Kaan Tokgoz, previously part of a similar exploration unit and presently with Sabanci College in Turkey.

As a result of the way that preparing information is so valuable, engineers have begun taking a gander at better approaches for making the most out of even a seriously restricted measure of information accessible to prepare edge computer based intelligence gadgets. A significant pattern in this space is utilizing strategies known as “information expansion,” wherein a few controls, considered sensible in light of involvement, are applied to the recorded information to attempt to emulate the changeability and vulnerability that can be experienced in genuine applications.

“For instance, in our past work, we reenacted the capricious turn of a collar containing a speed increase sensor around the neck of an observed cow, and found that the extra information produced in this manner could truly work on the exhibition in conduct characterization,” makes sense of Ms. Chao Li, doctoral understudy and lead creator of the review.

“In any case, we likewise understood that we wanted a considerably more broad way to deal with enlarging sensor time series, one that could on a basic level be utilized for any sort of information and not make explicit presumptions about the estimation condition. In addition, in genuine circumstances, there are really two issues, related however particular. The first is that the general measure of preparing information is much of the time restricted. The second is that a few circumstances or conditions happen substantially more much of the time than others, and this is undeniable. For instance, cows normally invest significantly more energy resting or ruminating than drinking.”

“However, precisely estimating the less regular ways of behaving is very fundamental to pass judgment on the government assistance status of a creature appropriately. A cow that doesn’t drink will certainly surrender, despite the fact that the exactness of characterizing drinking might humble affect normal preparation approaches because of its unique case. This is known as the information unevenness issue,” she adds.

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The computational exploration carried out by the specialists at Tokyo Tech and at first designated at further developing steers conduct checking offers a potential answer for these issues, by consolidating two totally different and integral methodologies. The first is known as testing, and comprises of separating “bits” of time series relating to the circumstances to be arranged continuously beginning from various and irregular moments.

The number of bits that are extricated is changed cautiously, guaranteeing that one generally winds up with roughly similar number of pieces across every one of the ways of behaving to be grouped, paying little mind to how normal or interesting they are. This outcomes in a more adjusted dataset, which is positively ideal as a reason for preparing any classifier like a brain organization.

Since the method depends on choosing subsets of genuine information, it is protected as far as staying away from the age of the ancient rarities which might come from falsely orchestrating new bits to compensate for the less addressed ways of behaving. The subsequent one is known as substitute information, and includes an exceptionally hearty mathematical strategy to create, from any current time series, quite a few new ones that safeguard a few key highlights, however are totally uncorrelated.

“This temperate mix ended up being vital, on the grounds that testing might cause a ton of duplication of similar information, when certain ways of behaving are excessively intriguing contrasted with others. Proxy information are rarely something similar and forestall this issue, which can adversely influence the preparation interaction. What’s more, a vital part of this work is that the information expansion is incorporated with the preparation interaction, thus, various information are constantly introduced to the organization all through its preparation,” makes sense of Mr. Jim Bartels, co-creator and doctoral understudy at the unit.

Substitute time series are produced by totally scrambling the periods of at least one signs, accordingly delivering them absolutely unrecognizable when their progressions after some time are thought of. Be that as it may, the dissemination of values, the autocorrelation, and, on the off chance that there are different signs, the crosscorrelation, are impeccably saved.

“In another past work, we found that numerous observational tasks, for example, turning around and recombining time series really assisted with further developing preparation. As these tasks change the nonlinear substance of the information, we later contemplated that the kind of direct elements which are held during proxy age are presumably key to execution, essentially for the utilization of cow conduct acknowledgment that I center around,” further makes sense of Ms. Chao Li.

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“The technique for substitute time series begins from an altogether unique field, specifically the investigation of nonlinear elements in complex frameworks like the cerebrum, for which such time series are utilized to assist with recognizing turbulent way of behaving from commotion. By uniting our various encounters, we immediately understood that they could be useful for this application, as well,” adds Dr. Ludovico Minati, second creator of the review and furthermore with the Nano Detecting Unit.

“In any case, extensive mindfulness is required in light of the fact that no two application situations are ever something very similar, and what turns out as expected for the time series reflecting cow ways of behaving may not be substantial for different sensors observing various kinds of elements. Anyway, the class of the proposed strategy is that it is very fundamental, basic, and nonexclusive. Subsequently, it will be simple for different analysts to rapidly give it a shot on their particular issues,” he adds.

After this meeting, the group made sense of that this sort of examination will be applied as a matter of some importance to working on the characterization of cows ways of behaving, for which it was at first planned and on which the unit is directing multidisciplinary research in organization with different colleges and organizations.

“One of our fundamental objectives is to effectively exhibit high exactness on a little, modest gadget that can screen a cow over its whole lifetime, permitting early recognition of infection and hence truly working on animal government assistance as well as the proficiency and supportability of cultivating,” closes Dr. Hiroyuki Ito.

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Most Common MacBook Issues And Solutions

There are approximately 100 million active MacBook users globally at the moment. More than half of these customers are Mac platform newbies. For information about typical MacBook issues and our solutions, continue reading below.

One of the main reasons for the rapid growth in popularity of the MacBook is Apple’s reputation for making highly reliable devices. In general, Macs offer a smooth and interactive 카지노사이트 user experience that is far ahead of other PCs.

But while Macs are undoubtedly powerful, they occasionally run into problems. Fortunately, most common MacBook problems are easy to fix on your own.

In today’s post, let’s take a look at the most common Mac problems and how to deal with them.

Your Macbook Dies Suddenly and Repeatedly

If your Mac keeps running out of battery when you use it, the battery might not be charging properly. But if this is not the problem and your Mac randomly shuts down even when the battery percentage is good, then you are dealing with another problem. As soon as it shuts down, try restarting your Mac using the power button. Once you’ve turned it back on and macOS is loaded, restart your computer again. Restarting your MacBook allows you to perform a complete and sane shutdown procedure.

After your Mac has fully restarted, restart the System Management Controller (SMC). The SMC in your Mac controls most of its essential hardware processes, including battery charging and sleep. When something is wrong with your Mac, a quick and easy way to fix it is to reset the SMC. If SMC doesn’t fix the problem, consider taking your Mac in for a professional MacBook repair. If your Mac is still under warranty, consider taking it to an Apple Store to see if you can get it replaced.

Starting Up Your Mac Shows a Blank Screen

One of the common MacBook Pro screen problems is a blank black or blue screen when starting up. If this screen doesn’t go away, it’s a sure sign that your MacBook got stuck trying to load a particular app or login feature. To fix this, press the power button for a few seconds to restart your Mac.

If that doesn’t work, try starting it in safe mode. Once your computer restarts, check and remove any problematic items and login items.

You can also see a gray screen with the Apple logo in the center. This indicates that there is an error in the essential software. Manually restart your computer and apply any macOS updates that may be needed to see if the problem goes away. If the previous step doesn’t work, use the Disk Utility tool to locate and fix any disk problems that might be preventing your computer from functioning properly.

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External Devices Do Not Connect Properly

If an external device doesn’t seem to work with your Mac, the problem might be with the device itself. Try connecting it with other computers to see if it works. If so, then the device is fine. Plug it into your Mac once more, making sure it’s properly plugged into the correct port. Check the cable and the port to make sure neither is damaged in any way. If your device still doesn’t work, try restarting your Mac and device.

If you’ve tried all of the above but nothing changes, your device and Mac may not be compatible. Try plugging another device into the same port that you’re sure is compatible with your Mac. If the second device doesn’t work, you’re having a hardware problem on your Mac that should be fixed by a professional. But if the second device works, then the problem is with the first device, not your Mac. It’s time to have the device checked by a professional. If the device was an iPad, for example, now is a good time to visit an iPad repair expert.

Your Mac Screen Flickers Repeatedly

Flicker is one of the most annoying Mac problems you can come across. The screen may dim intermittently or lose resolution entirely. This problem seems to recur quickly.

One of the main causes of this problem is physical damage to the screen. If this is the cause of the problem, a screen replacement could be the perfect solution.

If your Mac screen works but still flickers, try resetting the PRAM/NVRAM. This step can effectively fix minor flickering issues. You can also try applying macOS updates that you haven’t already done. Sometimes screen flickering issues are caused by using Firefox or Chromium on your Mac. Try disabling or removing them and see if that fixes the problem. Identify any other apps that may be at fault and remove them.

Your Mac’s Facetime Camera Picture is of Poor Quality

One of the common MacBook Air problems is a FaceTime camera image that is so bad that the app isn’t worth using. The user sees an extremely negative granular representation of their face.

Interestingly, this problem is not even related to your Mac hardware in most cases. You may find that the camera works fine and you perform other camera-related tasks smoothly. If so, the problem is with the FaceTime program and all you can do is apply macOS updates to see if that fixes the problem. If your camera doesn’t seem to work in other apps, it might be a good idea to take your Mac to a professional to have it checked.

Your Mac is Running Very Slow

Slowdowns affect all types of PCs. In most cases, it is a result of running too many tasks at once, which eats up RAM. Your Mac can also slow down if you’ve filled your hard drive so much that the machine has trouble reading and writing data smoothly.

The best solution is to update your Mac. A simpler and cheaper solution is to free up hard drive space. It also helps to open fewer tabs at once. Fix common MacBook problems for a better user experience
Your MacBook is one of the most reliable devices you can own. However, all Macs experience some problems from time to time. It’s helpful to be aware of these common MacBook problems so that you can properly address them when they occur.

Is your MacBook giving you problems that you can’t fix? Please book an appointment with us today to have the problem resolved immediately.

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The Design of Realme 10 Revealed, the Camera Specifications Showed Before the November 9 Launch


  • Realme has confirmed some specifications of the vanilla Realme 10.
  • The new phone will have a 50-megapixel rear camera.
  • It will be powered by MediaTek’s Helio G99 chipset paired with up to 16GB of powerful RAM.

By Abhik Sengupta: The official plans of Realme 10 have been revealed before the November 9 launch. In a tweet, Realme revealed the blue gradient color option on the rear camera setup. The phone has a bezel-less design, similar to the Realme 9i 5G that was launched in India recently. The company explained that the Realme 10 series will be released globally and may come to India later. The upcoming lineup is also expected to include Realme 10 Pro +. A leak on Realme’s Twitter page shows the company’s logo at the bottom of the back and an LED flash next to the camera module. Rumors say that the Realme 10 series will include a 3.5mm audio jack, although it is not visible in the renders. The company may also introduce blue and black color options for the Realme 10 카지노사이트.

Before the official launch, Realme also showed some specifications of the vanilla Realme 10, which will succeed the Realme 9 series. The new phone will come with a 50MP rear camera setup, a 5,000mAh battery with a 33W fast charger, and MediaTek’s Helio G99 chipset combined with 16GB of powerful RAM (8GB onboard + 8 GB virtual). It can also get variants with 4GB and 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth also revealed that the phone with the charger can reach 0-50% charge in about 28 minutes.

Based on the specification sheet, the Realme 10 is likely to cost around Rs 15,000, excluding sales offers. Official specifications on the Realme 10 Pro + are still unclear, although Realme has teased the Realme 10 phone with a curved display. The TENAA listing points out that the phone will be powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 1080 SoC paired with 8GB of RAM. However, the storage can only be 128 GB. The smartphone is said to include a 4890 mAh battery with support for 65W fast charging.

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Computer Error Through Outer Space

Earth is under a shower of cosmic particles from the sun and beyond our solar system, which can cause problems affecting our phones and computers. That risk increases as microchip technology declines. Zap. The muscle in the chest is torn. Zap. And even. Marie Moe can see it. He could even see it. He looked down and the muscle on the left side of his sternum was shaking violently. Hold on to the sound of a strong heartbeat. The cybersecurity researcher was on the plane, about 20 minutes from its destination, Amsterdam, during takeoff. He was gripped by fear. He knew immediately that something was wrong with his pacemaker, a small medical device placed on his chest that uses electricity to stabilize his heart rate.

Could he have damaged one of the wires that connected the exercise equipment to his chest? Or separation? Moe told the crew, who immediately arranged for an ambulance to be ready and waiting for him at the airport. Had the flight continued from Amsterdam, the pilot would have made an emergency landing at another airport, he was told.

When Moe arrived at a nearby hospital, the doctors depended on him. The problem was quickly discovered by the operator. It’s a small computer. Data stored in the operator’s computer, which is critical to his work, has been corrupted.

For Moe, the main suspect that he thinks could trigger this disturbing event is cosmic rays from space: chains of subatomic particles that collide in the Earth’s atmosphere, are as the balls pile up on the pool table, one of them ends up working. his own. into a built-in computer that keeps him busy mid-flight. The theory is that, after his impact, he caused an electrical imbalance that changed computer memory – and eventually changed his understanding of life-saving technology forever.

When a computer goes wrong, we think it’s just a software glitch, a bad program. But ionizing radiation, including the proton radiation the sun throws at us, can also cause it. These events, called perturbations in one event, are rare, and it can be impossible to be sure that the cosmic rays are interfering with a particular object. for they left nothing. Even so, they have been identified as potential causes of many unique cases of computer failure. From a vote counting machine that added thousands of non-existent votes to a candidate’s tally, to a commercial plane that suddenly crashed hundreds of feet in mid-air, injuring many passengers

. As society becomes more and more dependent on digital technology, it is worth asking what dangers cosmic rays pose to our way of life. Not least because as it continues the miniaturization of microchip technology, the cost required to destroy data is constantly decreasing, which means that it is easier and easier for cosmic rays to have this effect. Also, given that large ejections from the sun can sometimes send large waves of that towards the Earth, known as atmospheric waves, the prospect is disturbing: we can see more disturbances in the computer than we are not sure about the time of the great geomagnetic tide. the future. .

Moe’s scary experience with his speedster happened in 2016. As soon as he was released from the hospital, he received a detailed explanation from the person who made him what happened. “That’s when I discovered little flips,” recalls Moe, who is now a senior consultant at Internet security firm Mandiant. In the memory of a computer processor, data is stored as bits, often called “ones and zeros”. But the report explained that some of those pages had been altered or reversed, altering the data and causing software errors. Think of it like hitting the wrong end of the rocker on a long line of light bulbs. Part of the room will remain dark. In this case, the error prompted the pacer to go into “rescue mode,” Moe says, and he began to beat his heart at its default 70 beats per minute and increased heart rate. He explains: “That’s what caused the discomfort. To fix it, the paramedic had to reset the device to the hospital’s factory settings and reprogram the settings to fit Moe’s heart. But the report doesn’t draw clear conclusions about why these points turned in the first place. However, one event that has been mentioned is cosmic radiation. “It’s hard to be 100% sure,” Moe says. “I have no further explanation to give you.”

In a much-discussed incident, a 2008 Qantas Airways flight over Western Australia plunged 200 feet in 10 minutes, injuring several passengers on board.

It has been understood that such a thing can happen since at least the 1970s, when researchers showed that radiation from space can affect computers and satellites. This radiation can be in different forms and come from many different places, both inside and outside our solar system. But this is what the situation might look like: Protons blasted to Earth by the Sun shatter atoms in our atmosphere, releasing neutrons from the nuclei of the three. These high-energy neutrons have no charge, but they can fall on other particles, resulting in secondary radiation with a charge. Because bits in computer memory devices are sometimes stored as small electrical charges, the two radiations that circulate the current can flip each other, causing them to flip from one state to another. to another, which changes the data.

Solar radiation increases in space, mainly because our atmosphere helps protect us from much of it. For example, people who travel by plane are more exposed to this radiation than people on the ground, which is why pilots have a limited amount of time in the air each month. But if that chaos and confusion was what caused Moe’s pacemaker problem, it must have been a rare event, he pointed out. He added, “The benefits of having someone act quickly outweigh the risks.” “I feel more confident in trusting my device because I know it has a backup in case something goes wrong with the code.”

But the effects of cosmic rays on other computers could, in theory, be catastrophic. In a much-discussed incident, a 2008 Qantas Airways flight over Western Australia plunged 200 feet in 10 minutes, injuring dozens of passengers on board – many of whom were unseated or strapped in. them at that time. Many injured their legs while others hit their heads in the room, for example. A child who was wearing a seat belt was shaken so badly that he hurt his stomach.

An investigation by the Australian Transport Safety Agency found that before the plane’s misbehavior occurred, incorrect computer data contained in its contents had been twisted around the corner of the plane. This caused the two automatic coincidences. As for what actually triggered this sequence of events, the report says, “There is insufficient evidence to determine whether [a computer data altering agent] could have triggered the failure mode” – meaning it still will be possible. In contrast, all the other factors that could trigger those who were analyzed by the researchers were “very unlikely” and the same group as “unlikely”. 카지노사이트

There is also the case of a voting machine in Belgium in 2003 that gave a politician 4,096 more votes. Some have suggested that this is also due to ionizing radiation disrupting computers.

What about the runner – the one trying to complete the video game in record time – who got a terrible bug in Super Mario 64 in 2013? To the surprise of the player, Mario suddenly went up to the top phone in the game, the action ended up being a little bit in the code that determines the position, in 3D, of the mustachioed character at any time. Analysis revealed a few explanations for this behavior, called surface deflection, so the possibility of particles involved in the game cartridge came up in the discussion of what happened. Recently, in April 2022, Travis Long, a software engineer at Mozilla, published a blog in which he explained that the company’s large telemetry data is constantly collected from users of the Firefox web browser when some have unexplained errors. the sequence of individual pages is restored. Long said that recent disasters were related to small faults that coincided with geomagnetic storms. “I began to wonder if we could have detected Earth events from these same problems with our telemetry data,” he wrote.

Whether ionizing radiation is behind them or not, we can meet other sites while browsing the Internet. In 2010, a cybersecurity researcher named Artem Dinaburg, who now works for a company aptly named Trail of Bits, realized this. It registered a few domain names as popular domains but with wrong characters in the url. Take “” for example. If you make a mistake, you can accidentally enter “”, where the “x” is next to the “c” on an English computer keyboard. A small error is different. This means that at least one of the binary codes representing each character in “” is incorrect. In binary, the letter “b” is “01100010” while “c” is “01100011”. If you change just one bit, say the last part of the code for “c”, changing it from 1 to 0, then it will become “b” and you will end up with “” instead.

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The Challenges of Computer Science, Seen by Its Pioneers

As the winners of the world’s most famous IT awards meet this month in Germany, they share concerns about education, ed-tech resources and improving but still a low role for women.

HEIDELBERG, Germany—Every September, a group of the world’s most decorated computer scientists and mathematicians gather in this hot spot. They discuss the state of their field and guide 200 undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students from around the world selected through a large competitive process.

Vinton Cerf, the vice president of Google and the Internet messenger, who is also known as one of the “fathers of the Internet” for development, and Robert Kahn, the architect of the Internet system known as Transmission, said, “It’s like coming home.” Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). For this work, Cerf and Kahn won the Turing Prize, the so-called Nobel Prize for computing.

Young researchers who participated in this year’s Heidelberg Laureate Forum – that is the so-called event – can, for example, chat with Yann LeCun over coffee with Yann LeCun ( “father of intelligence”), walk with Whitfield Diffie (“Father of public-key cryptography”) or take a boat on the Nekar River with Shwetak Patel, a MacArthur Fellow who is an outstanding worker in human-computer interaction. the lives of millions have improved. The meeting is an intimate, invitation-only meeting inspired by the scientific community, the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting held every July in Lindau.

If the 28 winners who came this year gave and listened to each other’s conference with an optimistic name like “Computing for Social Good”, Inside Higher Ed took the opportunity to ask them questions about the challenges of computing and withdrawal from Higher Education.

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The luminaries are concerned about how computer science is taught today, because of the rapid development, the shortage of faculty, and the unnecessary need to incorporate ethics into the curriculum. They also have doubts about some ed-tech tools, cross-disciplinary discussions, and making women participate in numbers, but still low, especially given their role in developing tech products that are changing how people live.

Missing Seats and Tables Are Important

Researchers from all academic fields use computational tools to solve various problems in health care, weather forecasting, e-commerce, transportation, finance, agriculture, energy systems, manufacturing, environmental monitoring housing, national security, etc. But this does not mean that these researchers always go to computer scientists who provide computer tools.

“We’re seen as a bunch of geeks who give them resources, but not necessarily as equal players,” said Cherri Pancake, former president of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and professor emeritus at Oregon State University. said. “What we need to bring to the table is not our software or our tools, but our different ways of approaching problems and finding solutions.”

Computer scientists have long warned that computer applications are dangerous. For example, British scientist Stephen Hawking has warned that intelligence can make people stop 카지노사이트. Last month, a paper published by scientists from Google and Oxford concluded that a well-designed product can cause “dangerous consequences”.

“As we try to solve these very real challenges for humanity, computer scientists will step up and bring a different way of looking at the universe.”

Brain Drain in the Private Sector

More than 7,500 students from Washington state, where Microsoft is headquartered, applied for admission to the University of Washington’s computer science and technology program this year. But without enough computer science professors to keep up, the UW accepted only 7% of applicants, an acceptance rate similar to that of graduate students at Brown and Yale. Such demand for students, along with a severe shortage of computer science majors, is evident at colleges across the United States.

“We eat our own corn,” Cerf said. “Expertise does not grow on trees. It is developed in universities and research schools. We have to deal with people.

“The salary model is a killer,” said Jeffrey Ullman, professor emeritus of computer science at Stanford and recipient of the Turing Award. “When you can make three times as much money, why teach a secret? It may not be a good idea to stick with your standard payment and take what you can afford.

“Every department is trying to figure out how to teach more students with the same population,” Brewer said. “They don’t have enough graduate students to [attend] all the classes, so they have college degrees [teaching assistants]. Next, you need to understand how to train undergraduate teaching assistants. We try to be inclusive and take on as many students as possible, but this is an ongoing challenge.

Cerf, who has spent all his time in academia, government and the private sector, hopes that the IT community can increase the opportunities for professionals to enter and exit academia during their careers.

“Perhaps some of the tools we’ve developed during this pandemic will be useful as they facilitate remote learning,” Cerf said.

Anticipation is Important and Negative

When Ralph Merkle, an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley in the 1970s, proposed a project to create a cryptographic system, his professor called his idea “complex”, according to Martin Hellman, professor emeritus of electrical engineering, at Stanford. Merkle left the teaching and worked alone. When he finally submitted a paper based on his results and a communication from the Association of Computing Machinery, it was not accepted.

“The reviewer dismissed it because ‘the report is not at the core of current cryptographic thought,'” Hellman said. “Of course not. It’s a change.

Merkle, working alone, with Hellman and Diffie working together, continued to develop public cryptography, technology that allows us, for example, to enter credit card numbers online with confidence. Hellman and Diffie won the Turing Award for this work, but Merkel’s award was rejected.

“Ralph invented half of the secret code – half of the code – on his own, independently of us, and actually a little bit ahead of us,” Hellman said. Like Merkle, Yann LeCun was a graduate student in the 1980s who also tried to make his opinion heard. At first, he told Inside Higher Ed, no faculty member would agree to work with him on research that was the embryo of neural networks — machine learning algorithms based on the structure and function of the brain. (The term “neural network” did not exist at the time.) Finally, he found a teacher who told him, “I don’t know what you’re working on, but you seem to know it well.”

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9 Reasons People Laugh About Your Technology

Publishing in the journal International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing, the Nanoscale and Optical Metrology Research Center (NOMRC) led by Prof. Shiyuan Liu and Prof. Jinlong Zhu from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and their collaborators from Harbin Institute of Technology and The Chinese University of Hong Kong wrote the first systematic review to introduce the research background, discuss the latest progress and the trend of optical wafer defect inspection. A fascinating study of virus transmission in dorms at the University of Maryland compared students in rooms with poor ventilation, with those who kept their windows open all the time (Zhu et al., 2020). Those with open windows had one-fourth the rate of respiratory infections. 에볼루션게이밍 et al., 2020: Transmission of COVID-19 in a closed environment was 18.7 times greater compared to an open-air environment (95% confidence interval). Viral transmission is degraded by high humidities and enhanced by lower humidities (check out this excellent recent review article: Moriyama et al. Because it is more tricky to maneuver a speeding automobile, sports cars and model sports cars are specially designed to handle best at high speeds. HTC HD7 also comes with a high resolution camera of 5 Mega Pixel with resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels and additional features like dual-LED flash, auto focus and Geo-tagging which gives you quality photographs which will keep your memories full of life.

For all of the legendary voices who have called baseball games over the decades, there is little debate that Scully was the best of them all, both for the incredible length of his tenure in the booth, and his unmatched quality over those 66 years of broadcasting Dodgers games. The rustic quality of this raw material also adds character to the jewellery stand, unlike plain old boxes and drawers. I also, most women in the plastic material NFL jerseys are very gorgeous. The materials that are usually for the studs are plastic, rubber and the metal. Hopefully, you are convinced that outside air is immensely more healthful with far less COVID-19 risk than the air we breathe inside of buildings. It’s a great design and completely eliminates the risk of losing a pen while the Surface Pro 8 is stored inside your bag or backpack. Whether you’re indulging in sports or any kind of authority pro 2 review related activity, it is often essential that you simply take care of the safety measures first. This jug is one of the first pieces we acquired when we began to collect seriously, it was from the collection of Elizabeth Lees in Ft Worth.

The idea of using oxygen in the furnace was revisited in the 20th century and made practical during the late 1940s. Interestingly, the modern BOS process was developed, not by any large steel companies, but mainly due to the efforts of one man and the support of a few managers in a small company that he worked for. I mean really, really small. But today, global warming is a relatively small element of the current wildfire situation, particularly in the slow to warm Pacific Northwest. 에볼루션게이밍 is incapable of such effort, the proposed one will be up to the task. Obviously, park officials can make it clear that closely packed large crowds are not appropriate and that there will be giving warnings and citations if such crowds occur. First, there are not many runners coughing and sneezing while running–when someone is sick with the virus they have great fatigue and if they were asymptomatic carriers they would not be coughing! They is rapid dispersion of any source of virus (e.g., an infected coughing individual) by the wind in the vast outside volume of air. Thus, they should be ENCOURAGED to get their fresh air in vast open public spaces and particularly ones with lots of air motion (i.e. wind).

So let’s get back to the policy decision to ban folks from parks and why it is illogical and contrary to common sense. It quickly gained popularity as a human-readable format that front-end programmers could use to communicate with the back end using a terse, standardized format. White wall exterior was used for early twentieth century Broadway musicals and finally wound up in Hollywood use for generating special effects. The general support for the principal proposition of this paper that “actual usage” may be a key variable in explaining the impact of technology on performance suggests that omission of this variable may be a missing link in IT payoff analyses. Furthermore, executives also said that AMD has pledged AM5 support at least through 2025, continuing the legacy of the AM4 socket. Furthermore, there is strong evidence that restriction of public access to parks and natural areas threatens both the physical and mental well being of the population and thus is counterproductive. There is historical data to see how a golfer performs at a particular golf course. But the big action is about to happen over the Oregon coast, where the WRF high-resolution model is going for sustained 50 kt winds tonight, with higher gusts (see graphic).

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Bitcoin online casino philippines 2022

Bitcoin online casino philippines 2022 We have all noticed that the modern world is becoming more digital, more innovative and offers a wide range of possibilities. The gambling sphere does not stay aside, and online casinos have become a huge breakthrough in gambling entertainment. So now players from all over the world can choose from a wide range of quality and interesting casino representatives on the Internet. 카지노사이트

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The most popular representative of such a currency is Bitcoin. Online casinos in the Philippines very often offer this payment method to their players and you can learn about them here.

Bitcoin Payment System: How to use it

Bitcoin has become a major breakthrough in the world’s payment methods. This option for depositing and withdrawing funds is often offered to players of the best online casinos in the Philippines. This cryptocurrency was introduced to the world in 2009 and soon gained worldwide recognition. This payment method is very safe, convenient and full of other competitive advantages. It’s hard to find an easier way to deposit and withdraw funds to your personal Philippine casino account. With the help of Bitcoin, online casino players can play the most interesting gambling games for money. It is important to mention that by playing real money casino games every player has the chance to win generous prizes. So Bitcoin is a safe and fast way to pay online and is often used in online casinos. Also, playing interesting casino games on a mobile device makes the gaming process more interesting and paying more convenient. Then you can learn more about the necessary nuances, which means using this option for depositing and withdrawing funds in online casinos in the Philippines. You can find many representatives of the best bitcoin casinos for players from the Philippines.

How to choose a reliable bitcoin casino

It is very important to choose a safe and reliable best bitcoin casino philippines whose conditions will suit you. We decided to help you with this step. Next, you will learn about the aspects to pay attention to when choosing an online casino in the Philippines.


What is your top priority when choosing the right online casino for you? It’s definitely security. So one of the main aspects that you should pay attention to is the availability of licenses for a particular gambling site in the Philippines. The license itself is an indicator of the casino’s legality and testifies to its activity regulated by the Gambling Commission. Online casino licenses are issued only to proven, best, safe and reliable gambling platforms with high quality activities. Therefore, do not forget to tick to verify that the selected bitcoin casino is certified by verified authorized bodies. 온라인카지노 

Fast payments

Another important nuance for a quality online casino is to provide players with fast and reliable payment methods. So, when choosing a Bitcoin casino in the Philippines, it is important to pay attention to the proposed speed of payment processing, speed of making deposits and withdrawals. You can usually transfer money to your gambling site account and back to your account using a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Fast execution of payment transactions does not delay the exciting gambling process for players, as well as the no less pleasant process of receiving and withdrawing winnings to your account.  안전한카지노사이트

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Casino Get an Edge at the Casino by Knowing Which Games Have the Best Odds

Casino certain individuals go to a gambling club to have a good time, and just need to play the games they like the most. In any case, to work on your odds of leaving with more cash than you went in with, you want an edge. Before you take a seat at a table, know which club games have the best chances with the goal that you can spend your cash astutely.  

Before you start, realize that none of the club games have great chances for players. There’s a justification behind the expression, “The house consistently wins.” Every gambling club game is intended to allow the house a superior opportunity of winning, yet some of them are more shifted than others. casino site

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The Three Best Casino Games to Play

On the off chance that you stroll into a gambling club and can’t recollect the subtleties of this article, remember a certain something: you have the best chances of succeeding at a table game. They might be more scary than openings, yet they as a rule work out better for the players.

Here are the three best gambling club games to play assuming you need good chances of winning cash: 

Blackjack’s Odds of Winning: 49%

Blackjack is a basic game with a component of ability to it. The chances of winning aren’t really awful. You play against the vendor; more individuals can play at one time, but each is simply attempting to beat the seller, not one another. The individual whose hand comes nearest to 21 without going over (which is known as a “bust”) wins.

Winning blackjack takes karma and a moderately limited quantity of ability. The seller depends as much on karma as the players do, so the chances of winning are really even. In many gambling clubs, the benefit to the vendor is around one percent.

To review your blackjack abilities, look at these Blackjack Tips for Beginners from Business Insider.  

Craps’ Odds of Winning: Nearly 50 Percent

Craps is a table game played with dice. One individual is the “shooter,” who moves the dice, and different players make bets on the aftereffects of that roll. safe casino site

On the main roll, called “coming out,” the shooter wins on a seven or an eleven. Assuming the shooter moves some other number, that number is presently the “point.” The shooter needs to hit the point before he moves a seven to win. 

The least complex bet to make is: Will the shooter win or lose on his roll? You can likewise put down different wagers. For instance, you can wager that the shooter will hit one more number before he moves a seven.

Assuming you make a “pass line” bet to wager whether or not the shooter will win, your chances are roughly 50/50. Assuming you make more explicit wagers, your chances of winning drop however your payouts rise.

You can peruse more with regards to craps methodologies and rules in’s Craps for Dummies Guide.

Roulette’s Odds of Winning: Nearly half

Roulette is a wheel with 38 numbers on it. The numbers 1 – 36 are either red or dark and the number 0 (and in American gambling clubs, likewise 00) in green. The croupier, as a roulette vendor is called, turns the haggle ball falls on one of the numbers.

There are multiple ways of putting down roulette wagers. The least complex is to wagered on whether the ball will fall on a red or dark piece, which has chances of right around 50/50 (“nearly” due to the a couple of green tiles at 0 and 00).

You can expand the payout — however bring down your chances — by wagering on explicit numbers or scopes of numbers (like “1 to 12” or “1 to 18”).

Assuming you might want to find out additional, look at the Best and Worst Roulette Strategies from

Note that the three games with the best chances of winning actually have chances that imply that you’ll win not exactly a fraction of the time. That means to leave with more cash than you began with, you want a lot of karma.

The Two Casino Games with the Worst Odds of Winning

The two gambling club games that are hardest to win likewise turn out to be two of the most famous games to play. They’re straightforward and expect practically no expertise, so a many individuals play, raking in tons of cash for the club.

Presently, there’s nothing off about playing these games assuming you appreciate them. All things considered, you went to a club to have a great time, correct? However, remember that the odds are high that you’ll lose the cash you play with. Recommended Casino Sites

Large Six Wheel/Wheel of Fortune: Odds of Winning: 26% – 39%

At the point when you play the Big Six Wheel, you bet on whether the wheel will stop on a fragment marked $1, $5, $10, $20, or a joker. The fragment that the wheel stops on is the sum you’ll get assuming you win.

Putting down a $1 bet has the best chances of winning, with just a 11 Percent edge for the house, yet additionally the most noticeably awful payout. The Joker offers a 36x payout yet has a 24 percent edge for the house.

Spaces: Odds of Winning Around 1 of every 49,836,032

You play spaces by placing cash into a gambling machine and pulling a switch or pressing a button to turn a wheel. Contingent upon where the wheel lands, you win or lose.

Gaming machines have different chances of winning, and the chances are imprinted on each machine. Make certain to peruse them before you select a machine to play.

For the most part, the more cash you really want to spend to play, the better your chances of winning are. You may likewise have better chances of winning more modest payouts than a bonanza prize.

Assuming you need more tips, look at this Strategy for Winning at Slots.

The Wildcard — Odds Are Hard to Calculate

There is one gambling club game where the chances are ridiculously factor since ability has as enormous an influence in winning as karma does:

Poker: Odds Vary Dramatically

Poker is a game where you have more command about whether you’ll win or not. Karma assumes a part, since you get irregular cards, however how you play those cards does a ton to decide if you win or not.

Clearly, playing poker at a gambling club is a totally different monster than playing at home with your companions. You will be facing different players who might be absolute novices or awful sharks.

To win cash playing poker at a gambling club, ensure your abilities are great before you start. Then, at that point, observe a table that meets your financial plan and ability level. suggests playing around evening time, when there might be more sporting players and when the beverages have been streaming for some time.


These tips will assist you with making informed wagers at a gambling club, however recall that the house consistently enjoys the benefit. The more frequently you bet, the higher your odds of losing are.

There’s a contrast between not winning and being a failure. You can partake in a club and acknowledge that it will cost you some cash to be there. All things considered, you’ll burn through cash assuming you go to an event congregation, as well.

However, make certain to stroll into the club with a firm financial plan of how much cash you will lose, and never allowed yourself to cross that limit.

Moreover, know about the notice indications of betting habit and skill to find support, if essential.

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Read more about the article ONLINE Casino SOFTWARE


Technology has revolutionized the way gambling is played outside of the normal casino. We now have online casinos, and even these online gambling apps and sites have come a long way since then. Much of this innovation and development can be attributed to online casino software, which is often overlooked and ignored by players. 안전한카지노사이트


A turnkey casino, from its namesake, is a type of online casino platform already created, complete, operational and waiting only for any customization and personalization from the operator before launch. Think of it as a turnkey house: the house (software itself) is already built with all the rooms and functions of the game, online casino), and the owner now needs to decorate, design, and perform other personal tasks. locally (consider casino / slot themes).

However, one should not confuse between a turnkey casino stadium and a white label casino. The difference is that the white label casino is already in a state of readiness for launch. This means that everything else – designs, name, and even licensing – are taken care of. In a way, it is like finding a franchise business – you are actually paying for a business that is ready to go, and the only thing you need to do is deliver it. 온라인카지노

At the turnkey casino stage, the only framework is made for you. All other important features of the job, such as licensing and permitting, are left to the operator to operate.

Therefore, the turnkey solution is suitable for online casino operators who may already be taking care of business documents or who just want to have a personal place in the software they will use. This is also a perfect solution for those who do not have the ability or bandwidth to develop internal software but also do not want a ready-to-use package.


One of the great benefits of finding a turnkey platform solution is that it gives you complete freedom when it comes to customization. Games and software are for you, but you may apply your changes to everything else at our discretion.

Turnkey platform providers also often provide assistance to customers who may not currently have licenses and permits. Additionally, the time to change the online turnkey online casino platform is usually faster compared to upgrading one from scratch from an outsourced or indoor team. Also, everything on the platform you will buy is 100% yours and all revenue is 100% yours.


Finding a turnkey online casino platform also comes with its own hurdles. For one thing, although the transition time is already as fast as it is, getting to the launch date is usually slower and more time consuming compared to ordering an online casino with a white label. This is because licensing still needs to be done and redesigning and customizing it may take time, too.

Also, finding online turnkey casinos is not for the faint of heart. Although it is a functional software, some things need to be added such as integration of customer support, KYC, designs, and many more. Although the operator may not know exactly how to do all of this (he may hire skilled people anyway), he still has to know what they are doing and how to accomplish these things. 카지노사이트

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POKER: Milestones in Modern Poker’s History


Poker has progressed significantly since the times of the Old West, as current web-based poker has solidified itself.

As oneof the best rounds ever. The way that the game’s played has developed, with complex systems and in-game measurements turning into a backbone.

Be that as it may, what has driven poker to where it is today? Here we’ll be investigating the most famous minutes in present day poker. 카지노사이트

Poker achievements

There have been a huge number throughout the entire existence of poker that have added to how effective it has become. Underneath, we’ve recorded probably the main minutes in present day poker that prompted how we experience online poker today.

The main trump card

In 1875, the principal special case was highlighted in a poker game and this permitted players to finish their hand with a predesignated card (which was a joker) at times, or a lower-positioning card.

Part pot and lowball poker show up
The consideration of parted pot and lowball poker checked more augmentations made by Americans in 1900. Lowball alters the standard positioning of hands, while split-pot permits the big stake to be split between at least two players.

Local area cards are presented

Local area cards, cards that are managed face-up and imparted to players, were acquainted with poker around 1925. This changed the construction of poker everlastingly and it has assisted with making the game more pleasant.

The presentation of the World Series of Poker

Before we could take part in the World Series of Poker on the web, the principal competition was held in 1970 in Las Vegas. This was during when there were less than 50 tables in the city and the competition comprised of around 30 players.

The occasion occurred in a space no bigger than a lodging and Johnny Moss was the principal champ. 카지노사이트

Ladies only

The champ of the primary women’s competition in 1977 was Jackie McDaniels. McDaniels brought back home the arm band, however it was Starla Brodie who was the primary female victor of a blended WSOP competition in 1979.

The meaning of this is that this occurred in a period where ladies weren’t believed to be on similar level as the ones who contended in the competition.

The first poker site

Before we had destinations like BetMGM that proposition live poker on the web and online poker competitions, poker was just played with actual cards.

However, much to our dismay that in 1998, all that about the game would develop. On January 1, 1998, the principal online poker website called Planet Poker was established by Mike Caro and Randy Blumer.

Notwithstanding, the web was an extravagance in those days and it was exclusively in February that it was equipped for keeping a solitary money game going all evening long.

Normally, specialized beasts were the primary cause of issues, alongside continuous disengagements and slow web speeds.

The internet based experience was extensively unique in those days, yet nowadays it’s something that we wouldn’t mull over despite the fact.

That Planet Poker for all time shut down in 2017, the endeavors of Caro and Blumer changed the poker world.

Poker on TV

Seeing poker on TV was unfathomable after the 1970s, as poker wasn’t as well known in those days. Quick forward to 2001 and the primary World Series of Poker occasion was broadcast following 30 years.

While it’s nothing similar to the live poker competitions that we have today, seeing poker on TV with strong illustrations and “pocket cam” innovation was something that inundated watchers dissimilar to anything previously.

The debut of mobile poker

Versatile gaming history goes back similarly as 2004, however it was only after 2006 that we could get to cutting edge portable applications to play our number one poker games.

These games utilized Java and didn’t have anywhere close to the very designs that the present games have.

The second-biggest success at a WSOP occasion

In 2006, the World Series of Poker competition shook the business when a player named Jamie Gold won the most noteworthy recorded prize pot to date.

The huge figure was a record $12 million, which is a sum that is just been beaten once in the WSOP, however not in a video poker online competition.

The greatest success of all time

In 2012, Antonio Esfandiari left the WSOP competition $18.4 million more extravagant.

The occasion occurred at The Big One for One Drop and any reasonable person would agree that it’s a stunning total to win, even in a poker competition.

The Black Friday and resulting occasions

In the event that you’re an enthusiastic poker player who played around 2011, you might review the portentous day when a few web-based poker spaces were held onto by the US Department of Justice.

These locales abused the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and when the FBI held onto the destinations, a large number of players lost their bankrolls.

While certain clients had the option to pull out their bankrolls following 10 days, others weren’t as effective.

A few destinations’ players’ records were frozen for a period, while one site was totally closed down and players needed to acknowledge that they wouldn’t see a penny from them.

By June 2012, it was reported that one of the spaces was wanting to gain another, alongside its resources, with the remarkable equilibriums being all paid to players.

At last, everybody was reimbursed and had the choice to move their assets to another poker site.

It was a mind boggling process for those in the US and they didn’t see a penny until 2014. Players were supposed to finish desk work before their assets would be returned.

Following these occasions, April 30, 2013, saw the main authorized poker room go live in Nevada.

Access was selective to the people who were situated in the state, yet following a couple of months, states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware continued in the means of Nevada to acquaint the idea with general society. 카지노사이트

Test your poker abilities with BetMGM

On the off chance that you’re searching for the best internet based webpage for US players, join with BetMGM for a total poker experience. In the event that poker isn’t your thing, go ahead and partake in the other gaming classifications situated at the club.

This incorporates spaces, different table games, assortment games, and substantially more.

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